Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insole

I have had knee, back, and foot pain since spring.  I got rid of most of the back pain but my foot was hurting me so badly, there were days I couldn’t stand on my feet.  (and as a mom of tow littles, it is important I be able to stand on my feet!)

Finally, last month I went to an orthopedic foot specialist (because I also have some bone structure issues that need to be fixed in the next 10 years).

He gave me some rather expensive insoles for my shoes.  They have made a world of difference!  My foot and knee pain disappeared immediately, allowing me to get back to running and working out.  I have been pain free for over a month.

Then I got the doctor bill, which included getting these insoles, and it was well over $200.  Insurance didn’t cover any of the visit.

Had I waited a few more weeks, I could have avoided the doctor visit all together!  I had the opportunity to try and write a review for Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Replacement Insole.

Well, let me tell you, these ($20 with free shipping on amazon prime), are basically the same thing as my $100 insoles the doctor gave charged me for.  They feel just as great in my shoes, and allow me to do everything I was doing before.

If you are having foot, knee, or back pain, I totally encourage you to try these insoles on your shoes before you try anything else.  They are awesome!

All you do is cut the insole to the correct size.  Take out the old insole, and replace it with the new insole.

Then head outside for a walk or run, because your feet will feel great in your shoes!

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  1. Ginny Gafford says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the inserts. I paid over $600 for my specially made inserts. While they are fabulous I’d love a smaller insert for other everyday shoes. My speciality inserts really only fit well in my tennis shoes. And obviously, not every outfit looks good with tennis shoes. 🙂 I’ll have to check these out, especially for my TOMS.

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