Developing Young Learners’ Skills through Poetry Memorization {a review with IEW}

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We have used products from Institute for Excellence in Writing before, and have always enjoyed them.  The past few weeks we have been using their program: Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization.

Our family received everything listed on the product’s site which includes:

  • Teacher’s Book with 96 poems and speeches-spiral bound
  • 5 physical CDs with the poems and speeches read aloud (which we LOVE and my children ask to listen to frequently) in a high quality CD case
  • a complimentary student’s e-book (printable for as many students as you have!)
  • a bonus DVD of Andrew Pudewa’s conference Nurturing Competent Communicators– this is a wonderful support to homeschool parents to help you better nurture your growing student!
  • there are also 7 audio MP3s available for download in your IEW website account (instructions for downloading can be found in the front of the teacher’s book):
    • Nurturing Competent Communicators
    • Mastery Learning, Ability Development, and Individualized Education
    • Ten Thousand Times and Then Begins Understanding
    • On Listening
    • On speaking
    • On reading
    • On Writing

As part of our review, we also received a physical spiral bound student’s book, which is not included in the set, but can be purchased separately.

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization {a review}

How We used Liguistic Development through Poetry Memorization and What We Think

This product includes so many wonderful items, & has SO much educational value; we have had a lot of fun with it!  My children are 5.5 and 3.5 years old.  We have been working on “memory work” since my oldest was 3- she loves poems, memorizing, and reciting.  Little brother has also enjoyed joining in on our memorization for quite some time now.  All this to say, using IEW’s poetry memorization program naturally flowed right into our homeschool!

On Wednesday afternoons, we try to have a poetry tea time- we have tea, kombucha, and a special snack.  I usually light candles, or we may even move it outside if the weather permits.

So it seemed only natural that this is where I should introduce this program to my children- and it flowed perfectly!

Each Wednesday we begin the next poem from our current level; we are working in Level 1.  Throughout the week we recite the poem at our breakfast “morning basket” time.  My daughter has almost all of the poems memorized already, simply from listening to the CDs!  She pretty much teaches it to my son at breakfast, while I prop up the student book (I feel like the poem illustrations help him) and read along.  I cannot believe how well they are memorizing and reciting poetry!  They especially enjoy reciting it for their daddy when he comes home in the evenings.

As you may know, poetry and memorization are important for building the foundational skills of reading and language development (the DVD, teacher’s book, and MP3s do a great job explaining the importance and benefits).  We also enjoy using the poems as part of our copy work- this is a wonderful way to build writing skills and make this a multi-use program.  My daughter likes writing the poetry into her journal. =)

Although I haven’t, I think it would be a great idea to print the student pages (especially for the younger ones) to color while working through the poems.  Hanging up the pages as a reminder would also be fun- (we have just been using our gifted spiral bound student book, because the kids enjoy flipping through it).

We have listened to the first 2 CDs so far, simply because the kids ask to listen all the time, though we aren’t that far into the program.  There are five levels (you can see samples from each level HERE), each progressing in difficulty.  This can truly be used for any age and ability level!

If you want to implement memorization and/or poetry into your homeschool but aren’t sure just where to start, or maybe you need help with the whys and hows, this program can line ALL that out for you!  The MP3s are especially helpful and supportive.  The teacher’s book does a wonderful job explaining the importance and ease of memorization for children.  As I was reading the first section of it, I kept thinking to myself, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  Memorization is natural, important, and most definitely has a place in education and life!

As always, IEW doesn’t disappoint- their Liguistic Development through Poetry Memorization is a valuable addition to our homeschool.  Their included parent/teacher support resources are wonderful and of course, the program is effective.  We love it, and will continue using it!

Poetry Tea Time with IEW

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