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Our family is always looking for Christ centered, family friendly shows and movies. Now we can add Cubekins to the list of favorite shows!

Cubekins is an award-winning, wholesome cartoon show featuring a a 7 year old boy names Kip, exploring his ever-changing world, while learning more about his never-changing God. This is a Christian, faith based show for kids being likened to “Veggie Tales set in Mayberry.”


What We Think

The main audience for this show is 3-8, but it is appropriate for the whole family. My 10 year old enjoyed as well as her younger siblings; she found my dancing to the (very catchy) music hilarious. My 4 and 6 year olds thought it was great and very funny!

This sweet story about God’s love and forgiveness has fun music and calm graphics, which are both a plus in our house. I’m pretty picky about what the kids watch; even I enjoyed this episode.

We have also been watching where our support goes, monetarily. Obviously it would be a major task to weed through every company you don’t agree with, but I was excited to see this blurb about the Cubekins production company:

Who is Brainy Pixel Productions? We’re a Christian animation/production company out of North Alabama. We’re a small, indie studio that is very focused on producing faith- and family-friendly entertainment that points to God, the Gospel, and Christ.

I think as we watch the fall in popularity of some of the major media corps, we are going to see the rise of more Christian centered companies, like Brainy Pixel Productions- and those are the ones I want to support!


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Where to Watch

Buy our rent Cubekins Ep. 01 Invasion of the Cubecumbers on the Cubekins website (or
other available streaming platforms)

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or inappropriate themes. When looking for a wholesome way to teach and occupy their
children, parents can trust Cubekins to fulfill those needs.”


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