Friday on the Farm: Completed Garden Fence from Hedge Posts

We have tried a few different solutions for keeping chickens, dogs, and escaping cows out of our garden. We finally settled on this as a solution:

Completed Garden Fence from hedge posts

My husband used his post hole digger on the tractor to dig holes deep enough for sturdy, hedge posts cut from our land. We did look at getting things from this fencing company, but then we decided that we wanted something a bit different to keep our animals out. So my husband used goat field fencing (4″x4″ wire) for the sides, and a regular cattle panel for the gate. We may even add a strand of hot wire around the top for roosting chickens that may wander into the garden.

This should do the job of keeping chickens out, keeping the dogs from digging cool spots for lounging, and the cows from destroying it all when they get out (which they tend to do if we leave the chain off the gates by mistake).

It is beautiful; my husband and 5 year old son worked so hard for 2 weekends and every night after work to get it completed. I’m proud of my boys and their diligent work!




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