Common Core Broken Down {the truth about common core}

As a parent, and adult with an education degree, Common Core absolutely fascinates me.

And not in a good way.

the truth about common core

There is so much information surrounding common core, it can become overwhelming and difficult to weed through fact and fiction.

I ask you to watch this video.  It is slow, calm, broken down, and VERY informative.  Pay close attention to a few things:

  1. The CC set up isn’t exactly legal
  2. The information the federal government is collecting on teachers, parents, and students
  3. It is unaccountable to voters, and yet we are paying for it
  4. Standards are copyrighted, and therefore can not be edited by schools, school boards, or PTAs
  5. It developmentally INappropriate for children

It doesn’t matter if you are a public school parent, private school parent, homeschooling parent, a parent with preschool aged children, or not even a parent yet.  If you are a parent or if there is a chance you may become a parent, you should be informed FULLY on Common Core, so you can make you OWN informed decision, and then use that information to protect education- your child’s education.

You may become informed and LOVE CC, and that is fine.  But you may also become informed and realize just what it is that is happening in education and that you need to get busy writing someone at your board and state levels.


This is also a great video about Common Core from a college professor-wonderfully said!


Okay, here is one more that puts CC into perspective from a high school student’s learning experience:

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