Charlotte Mason Handicrafts for the young {finger knitting}

Our homeschool is a mix of the Charlotte Mason and Classical Education models.  Charlotte Mason is a literature rich, and gentle method of learning; she recommends school aged (or as they show interest and ability without frustration) children complete 3 handicraft projects per year.

My daughter loves to watch (and join) me while I sew, embroider, cut fabric, paint, construct DIY projects, etc.  This past winter while I was knitting, she asked if she could learn.  Knitting is simple enough, but using the needles with 4 year-old dexterity is the tricky part.  We did work on it together, and she did a great job, but it isn’t something she is quite ready to do alone.

Lexie is 4.5 and as I mentioned, has always shown interest in my personal crafts.  She has reached an aged where her dexterity is getting better, and she is ready to try some handicraft projects (which she loves!) she can enjoy by herself and/or with assistance.

While reading over the Simply Charlotte Mason website a while back, I printed off their list of handiworks recommended and finger knitting caught my eye.  So I youtubed how to do it. This past Saturday while snuggling during the babies’ naps, Lexie asked if she could knit.  I immediately thought of the finger knitting method, and how that would probably be a great foundation for future knitting; not to mention it would build her confidence.

So we grabbed some yarn from my yarn bag and went to work.  I turned on the youtube video I’d watched before and Lexie was so excited to learn!  I think she did a great job.  She told her daddy, “I am so, so proud of myself for learning to knit all by myself!”

Charlotte Mason Handicrafts {finger knitting}


Here is the video we used:


Do you incorporate Charlotte Mason principals into your homeschool?  What about handicrafts?

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