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A month or so ago, I had the opportunity to review a weight management supplement.

After I finally made the decision to really change things like I was doing before Max was born, I started taking the Calorease.  I have only been on it a few weeks.  Let me tell you a little about it first.

Calorease is a “natural”, easy weight management system.  It is recommended to take 2 tablets with a fat-containing meal, three times a day. (I did that).  And for best results, stay consistent (I mostly did that).

I was skeptical at first.  Not skeptical if it would be effective (because fiber does what fiber was made to do..).  I was skeptical about it being all natural.

Here is what the package claims: “It is completely stimulant free and therefore heart-healthy.  It has been shown to bind and eliminate up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat, reducing up to 500 calories a day from the fat in foods.”

I was impressed that: “Calorease does not contain: gluten, yeast, wheat, sugar, salt, egg,soy, dairy, artifical colors, sweeteners or preservatives.  It is naturally sourced from grain and is suitable for vegans.”

*red light*  What does “naturally sourced from grain” mean?  My first thought was cheap GMO corn” .. Well, the website says:

One Calorease tablet contains 1 gram of the FBCx fiber. Calorease contains no genetically modified components.

So, overall I am impressed with the ingredients NOT found in the supplement.

Calorease is simple to take and it does what it says it does.  But honestly, it is very much like the diet pill that hit the market a few years ago, which causes you to go to the bathroom.  It just binds to some of the fats you eat, and acts like fiber acts …  So while it does help with cutting some of your calories (almost 500 in a day), it isn’t going to do anything for your weightloss efforts if you aren’t already trying.

If you just eat everything you want, and take the pills, you won’t see significant weight loss.  But if you exercise, and eat healthy (try to cut out sugars with the occasional treat), drink your water, then it will help you a bit.  Enough to keep you motivated, in my opinion.  I would also say it would be good to take on a special night out when you know you will splurge on calories.

So, if you are ready to get serious about getting healthy, I say it is worth a try in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine.  But I am not a medical professional and you should talk with your doctor before you try any supplement.

You can purchase Calorease on their website.  You can also find it at your local GNC.

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