Beginning Our Raw, Whole, Traditional Foods Journey

I have been in love with traditional, whole, raw foods for a while.  If there is a blog about it, I follow it on Bloglovin, on facebook, have it pinned on pinterest, and saved in my bookmarks.  =)

When we moved (are you tired of hearing about “the move” yet?!), we knew we were going to have this great garage, and basement for extra storage.  I picked up some big ‘ole tubs from Sams, the ones they purchase icing in, for my bulk foods storage.

We have been dreaming talking about buying our food in bulk.  But not just any food, healthy, raw and traditional foods.  Not boxes of crackers or containers of cupcakes in bulk.

Whole wheat berries, organic brown rice, sucanat (source: the, and vegetables for fermenting and freezing.

I have since (like … as in the last week?) fallen in love with drinking raw milk and using it to make: kefir, “farmer’s cheese” (easy cream cheese), whey for lacto-fermentation, and eventually yogurt.  

I just ordered a SCOBY for my first batch of Kombucha Tea.  YAY!

So, I just wanted to let you all know you will be going on out journey with us.  It will be slow, and a learning process.  Thankfully I have some good friends here to help me along the way, a supportive husband, and an almost 3 year old that will try anything I cook once.  =)

If you are interested in where I began, you can start at, grab a copy of Nourishing Traditions Cookbook (which is so much more than a cookbook- it will literally blow your mind, Azure Standard for bulk, organic foods, or check out Heavenly Homemakers for great information and resources.  Her website really broke down a lot of more simple ways to do many recipes- she takes some of the overwhelming-ness out of this new journey.

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