Baby Summary 17 Weeks {WW 14-19}

WW 19 summary lookin like big sister {}

Looking like her Big Sister, wearing the same jammies, same age. Lexie on left, Ila on right


(I started this post last week.  Ila is now 18 weeks and we are still trucking through this WW.)

Ila was 17 weeks Thursday, January 8th.  Really, it has been so crazy here, I thought she was 16 weeks- I can’t seem to keep up.

Ila is in the absolute dreaded WW (wonder week) 14-19.  And oh man, are we aaaaall up in it!  On top of that, she is teething, so life is just hard.  I have been rubbing diluted oils on her gums to help with pain and am waiting on her teething necklace to get here.  Naps and wake time length are just all over the place.  I can’t wait for this WW to end!

She is somewhere around 15 Lbs I think, and is still practicing rolling from tummy to back.  She sits up nice and straight with support, and holds her head up so well.  She is sitting in the bumbo for one meal a day; we are practicing with oatmeal and apple sauce but she really doesn’t care anything about it.  But I figure we should start now so that when it is time that she definitely needs solids (at 6 months or so) it doesn’t take us another month or two to get them in her.  She still spits the oatmeal out; but she is nursing and then taking 5-7ounces of formula so it is DEFINITELY time for this big girl to get some solids in her belly!

She has started practicing with consonant sounds like “buh” and is infatuated with her hands.  She loves to talk, but isn’t her same smiley self these days, thanks to the icky teeth.

Overall she is developing well and is a sweet baby.  We all just lover her  =)

WW 19 summary-trying oatmeal {}

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