Baby #3 {2 Year Summary}

Poor Ila … she has hardly any updates just for her.  I know, having a 3rd really shows in my writing … or lack there of.  But, she is getting her 2 year update. =)

Well, Baby #3 was a perfect baby.  She didn’t cry until she was cutting her first tooth.  She was floppy, and lazy and let everyone squish her and tote her and tickle her until she was about 8 months old.  Then she started walking at 13 months and became a different baby! *ehum* a toddler …


The girl is a spit fire!  She is SO fun, but man can she be a naughty one.  😉  She is precious, but has definitely made it clear she will not be lost in the shuffle of a big family!

Everything is, “don’t like” right now, even if she does in fact like it.  She has discovered stomping her feet (whaaat?  I don’t think so!) and throws herself down in a silent protest.


We have entered terrible two territory.

She hates having her hair brushed, and is insanely tender headed; her hair is really long right now so soon we are cutting it off again soon.  I hate to see her cry over brushing her hair and because she still has baby soft, fine hair it gets tangles super easily.  She loves to brush her teeth, and putting on “big girl panties.”

She has potty trained!  Well, at home. =/

When we leave home she tells me when she needs to go, and she sits on the potty (whether the little car potty or a big potty wherever we are) but she is really tense and won’t relax, so then she won’t actually go.  So next week at home we are going to start practicing TTing on the big potty.  Sometimes when we leave home she stays dry, but today we went to the doctor, then the park, and despite sitting on the potty multiple times, she had 2 accidents.

We are going to keep working on it.. But no more accidents at home which means only 1 baby in diapers! Woo hoo!

But along with the terrible two’s comes lots of learning, and growing, developing, and FUN!

Ila loves doing puzzles, she enjoys naming animals, is obsessed with books (all books- board books, picture books, and loves thumbing through chapter books.  They’re probably her favorite) and gets very excited when anyone writes the ABCs on her magnadoodle while singing the ABC song.  She wants to read like her big brother and sister; it’s really precious when she points to every letter and makes the t or s sound.  She’s trying.  😉

Ila is still sleeping in a sleep sack in her crib, with her sister in the same room.  She naps from 12:00-3:00 every day and typically sleeps for the entire nap.  She goes to bed at 6:45pm each night, but stays awake waiting on big sister to come in at 7:00pm.

Lexie has started volunteering to help dress Ila, get her out of the bath, and ready for bed.  She pulls her around the yard in the wagon.  They bounce on the trampoline together, although Ila prefers to do this by herself.  She is hilarious bouncing all around.

Her new favorite phrases are, don’t like, wait me!, and eat whole apple!  She enjoys eating, singing to me while I cook, and LOVES to give giant hugs.  We were at the park after checkup appointments and as we left, she just stopped and gave another mama a great big hug and said bye bye!  It was sweet.

She is genuinely a sweet girl, even if she is determined to get her way- but what 2 year old isn’t?

As Lexie plays with her dolls, Ila will often brush her mini American Girl Doll’s hair; she carries her around in a purse.  I love watching her play with baby dolls; Lexie never played with baby dolls much as a toddler but Ila *loves* them.  She feeds, changes, and burps her babies.  She also insists on helping me with her new baby sister, Coralie.  It’s nice having her under foot to help carry diapers to the trash and grab burp cloths too. 😉

Ila is growing up to be a very snuggly, silly, yet independent girl.  We have so much fun with her and I can’t wait to see what the next year will have in store for us!

What is your favorite age/stage in motherhood?


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