A is for Anglo Nubian Goats {homesteading on the farm}

I don’t know if we are a homestead or a farm … if a farm, then definitely a hobby farm. Either way, this little homesteader has put down the deposit on a few sweet babies! We will be adding 2, no 3, make that 4 nubian goats to the farm pretty soon and I am ecstatic! My mind is whirling 1,000 miles a minute- my research proves raising goats is much different than raising bottle calves for beef. There is SO much to know and do before hand; there’s even more to keep in mind, keep an eye out for, and learn. And the only real way you can learn is to prepare the best you can, and then jump in! *gasp*

We are adding 2 twin yearlings, and of course when I went to look at them I couldn’t leave without also reserving a bitty baby … But after a few days of preparation on our farm, I thought it might be a good idea to get the bitty a buddy her size, and since she was a triplet, her brother will make the perfect playmate! (Her sister was already spoken for.) So, that makes 4 goats!

Today I ordered their collars, and some medical supplies to keep on hand. This weekend my husband and I began work on the goat corral fencing- he began prepping holes and posts for the fence while I cleaned out the barn and tack room. We have brooded chickens, raised cows, and stored lots of tools and feed in those areas; they were desperate for a cleaning!

Preparing for Goats on the Farm

We made GREAT progress on the fence; we need to finish a few corner posts, put in some T-posts, and string the wires. Then we have to finish their stall in the barn by getting it covered with goat fencing (I plan to stall the goats at night until we get the LGDs in there with them full time, they get used to their surroundings, and I feel less like a worry-wart). We are going to get them a warm dry place built up in their stall towards the back, because of the position of our barn and the way it drains. Lots of work needs to be done, but we are enjoying it and looking forward to our new babies. We cannot wait to spend our summer playing with baby goats.

Baby goat pictures to come!

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  1. Linda S says:

    It’s fun to read through your excitement! We know other families who are or have raised Nubians and they do love them! I look forward to reading and learning more through your series.

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