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This week I am excited to share a review with you of Typecrush.  It is an awesome family-friendly word game (some have compared it to a way more fun version of hangman).  

It is based on letter frequency analysis (and doesn’t has to be as sophisticated as that sounds).  It can be as simple, or as challenging as you wish.  Though recommended for people 7 years old and older, my almost 3 year old had lots of fun playing with and making words with the letters (we also sorted them by color, letter, etc for even more learning fun).  

Typecrush is fun from the moment you open the can- yes can.  

typecrush review: a fun family game

It comes in an awesome tin can, which makes is great for travel!  The game is handcrafted in the USA, and made of 100% recycled material!  All of that, and it is still a great price at only $25 from the website, and that includes free shipping.  No extra fees or shipping costs.

You will get you everything you see in the picture below:

Typecrush Review: Fun Family Game
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The game pieces are color coded and include four of each letter.  Along with the game pieces, you will receive a chart with the alphabet segmented into 5 color coded groups, from most frequent to least frequent letters, and instructions.

To play you simply create a word and turn your letters over so the other player cannot see.  Then based on the frequency chart, your opponent tries to guess your word!  You can add rules as you wish.

The best part?  Rules can be as simple or difficult as you want to make them- you can give hints for your words, whether it is a verbal hint, maybe you draw pictures for hints, or give a one word sound. The possibilities are endless.

Typecrush Review: a fun family game
Typecrush Review: A Fun Family Game

This is a great addition to your family game night, homeschool, or centers in a classroom (what a fun buddy activity!).  In addition, you can also scratch the rules completely and use it for all types of learning for younger children.  (Like we did.)

I would say all the above are definitely pros– fun, ease of use, price, and easy/compact container.

The only con I can think of would be the durability; they are made of a very thick, nice cardboard but I guess like any game pieces or cards they can become worn (though I am sure this would take quite some time).

You can check out Typecrush on all their social networks:

This is a great family game that is sure to offer hours of fun, no matter how you play it!  I highly recommend it.

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