8 Month baby Summary, Baby 5 {2 Nap Schedule BabyWise}

Yay! We finally made it to the 2 nap schedule, at about 7.5 months. Whew, that was hard work. ? This boy is a sleeper, so trying to change up his daytime sleep patterns (because they started getting messy anyway), was a challenge.

2 Nap Schdule babywise

We have made it to 2 solid naps. Most days they go really well. The down side to 2 naps, is that if you miss one for errands or appointments, there is no catching a cat nap at the end of the day. Adding that cat nap will most likely disturb bedtime sleep, because along with total daytime sleep hours, you now also have to keep the end of last nap a good several hours (4) from bedtime.

Anyway, here is our current schedule:

  • 730 DWT, nurse, bottle
    • floor time while mama works out or reads aloud to everyone from Sunlight books
    • 8:45- solids
  • 930 ? nap 1
  • 1100 Here baby usually wakes, I leave him until 11:15
    • 11:15 up, snuggles
  • 1130 nurse, bottle
    • floor time with siblings or outside if weather permits (right now it certainly does not)
    • 12:45 solids
  • 2:00 ? nap 2
  • 3:30 nurse, bottle
    • outside play, snuggles, practicing all his new skills, read books, etc
  • 5:30 I am nursing here. With my other babies I think I dropped this feed, but he is pretty fussy without it, even after solids. So we are leaving it in.
  • 5:45 dinner with the family
  • 7:00 nurse, bottle, bed for the night by 7:30pm

And that’s it! 2 naps is really a dream; the only time it is hard is when we miss one and have to do early bedtime. He still sleeps all night, but generally wakes at 7:00am instead of 7:30 on those days. During this time, and during this weather, most days we get in both naps.


It’s crazy how babies are different from one to the other. My first was sitting up at 5 months, baby 5 is just now sitting up at 8 months, and still prefers rolling around from one place to another. He is practicing crawling, but hasn’t quite gotten everything synced up. He can do hands, or knees, or push, but not all at the same time. haha

He *loves* food. All food: nursing, bottles, solid, real table food. All of it! And boy does he need it- he is a growing boy in 12  month clothes, and has lots of sweet baby rolls.

Recently he started clapping when he wants me to sing pat a cake, twinkle twinkle is next.

Baby 5 loves being touched, he is very tactile already. He likes holding my hands whenever we are playing, but isn’t super interested in many toys yet. Still refuses to pick up his own food, he likes to be fed while holding your hand… Im pretty sure my 4th was feeding herself by now, but I think I was also complaining about the mess. So, whatever ?‍♀️ If I’ve learned anything in 5 babies, it’s that it does *not* matter when they do it, just that they do it.

We love every minute with him and often talk about how it is going by so quickly. He is still very much a baby, but to think he will be 1 in 4 months is just bittersweet.

He still has the sweetest and most calm disposition, only fussing when he’s really tired because we missed nap, or because he’s done sitting up and want to roll around. haha Being outdoors makes him so relaxed, and he loves being sung and read to. I can’t wait for spring to get here so he can enjoy being outside again.

Stay warm!


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