4 weeks old

So, I am a little confused about how to age Lexie now.  I don’t know if she is 4 weeks to the day of the week… or one month to the day of the month (September 3rd to October 3rd)?  Well, either way one month ago today I was in the hospital waiting for her arrival!

It is crazy how quickly time goes by- already a month old.  It makes me happy but sad too, because I am not ready to send her off to daycare and me go back to school.  Of course I have 3 more months before I have to do that, but if it goes by as fast as this month it will be too soon.

Stitch loves his baby!

She has really started enjoying her contrasting colors board book.  It is all red, black and white (which are colors baby can see easily and really help stimulate their little brains).  She will just stare and kick her legs.  She has started giving smiles, but they are not really real smiles (I don’t think yet, anyways).  She also enjoys the mobile over her pack n play.  She doesn’t have one over her crib in her room, but it would be hard to find one that would fit the crib.  The rails are so wide, standard sized items do not fit.  But anyways, that is not for sleep time anyways, it is for “mama needs her arms and hands for a little while” time.

I have her sleeping in her crib, which she does well with.  I read that having the baby sleep in your room actually helps reduce the risk of SIDS.  But she doesn’t sleep well in the bassinet (for some reason).  Also, did you know since the early 90’s when doctors started recommending babies sleep on their back rather than their stomachs the infant deaths due to SIDS have gone from 5,000 per year to half that?  Their face does not actually have to get stuck on the mattress.  If their head is turned just enough for them to re-breathe their carbon dioxide, which means they are not breathing oxygen, that is enough to cause it.

Today we are listening to Baby Einstein Music- it is amazing how many of those album can be found for free download.  =)  She really enjoys listening to them.

Here are a few pics of Lexie in the last 3 days.  She is getting too big to fast!

Wearing her first overalls- so cute!
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