Well, I have been incredibly busy.  We were off for Spring Break last week, but Lexie and I went to Memphis for a visit with my family.  J.Tom went on a fishing trip to L.A.  I am almost done with school!!!!  only 4.5 weeks left, I cannot believe it.  My last day will be May 6, and I graduate May 13, WOO HOO!!  I still have SO much to do though.  =/

So, Lexie has learned so much this last month! In her 6th month of life she has: cut two teeth and is working on at least one more, sat up on her own, learned to bend and reach while sitting, can now roll from her back to her tummy (she’s been rolling from tummy to back since 2 months old!), started babbling and saying daddadadadada in her babbles, FAKE crying and coughing, and has learned to dance.  Yes, she can dance.  As seen in the video below:

She is a little stinker; she will now cry just to get your attention and when you say “Lexie!” in a disapproving tone, she laughs.  She also blows raspberries at you when SHE disapproves of something.  For instance while nursing, if she is done-raspberry.  Tired of sitting in her bumbo seat while mama cooks or prepares her bottle-raspberry.  Doesn’t want to nap although she is exhausted- raspberries… and her favorite-done eating her veggies?  Let’s blow raspberries and therefore, our veggies ALL over mama, the floor and counter.  Fun times.  There is a lot of spit flying around our house these days, but it will all make good memories.

Also, I am not sure I have mentioned to everyone, Lexie modeled last Tuesday!  She was a subject in a professional photographer’s class.  A photography studio here in town needed a 6-9 month old to model in a class for them.  They have been in business for 30+ years here in town and have a good reputation, so I felt comfortable letting her do it.  But anyways, so they go to church at her church-daycare; they came in and asked to see the babies in her age group and she was highly qualified, and precious, of course.  =)  So, anyways I have also entered her into a baby photo contest for Avon, per my MaJean (grandma) who is a rep for them.  She thinks Lexie is the “cutest of the cute.”  Who knows, maybe she will get in the top 25?  Maybe not..  Just FYI, I do not plan on putting her in pageants and things.  But this kind of stuff is fun, and innocent.  Plus winning stuff and getting free professional pics is pretty awesome too.

We will get the professional pics they took of her last week, sometime tomorrow or the next day. It was so cute; they put her in this big antique bowl (naky of course) with pearls, antique lacy hats, flowers and stuff.  She was so good!!  We also got some in a tutu.  I am glad they aren’t pics like everyone is doing, with the leg warmers, headbands, etc.  They are a little different..

Anyways, gotta get to bed.  Hopefully I can write again soon!!