18 Week Development & Lexie Development

Max has completed his 18th week of life.  We have to make his 4 month dr apt … I sorta haven’t done that yet.  =/

He is on a nursing strike … not fun!  He really isn’t eating well at all, from the spoon or bottle.  I am attributing this to his teeth, since they are so close to breaking through, but this is also a normal thing for the 4 month growth spurt, and wonder week 19 development.  The last few days have not been good sleeping days, and I am assuming this is because he isn’t eating well due to his teeth, and just overall probably doesn’t feel good.  He is more snuggly and clingy right now, too.

He has started back rolling around a lot; he spins in complete circles in his crib and on the floor.  Of course, he thinks this is great!  On the floor, he will roll side to side, and has even made it from his back to his tummy once or twice.

His cradle cap is still pretty bad, but since his hair is getting thicker, you can’t tell too much, unless you’re close to him.  He still hasn’t found his feet … just doesn’t care about them that much yet.  haha  Lexie begs to play with him, tells us to hurry up and finish eating so he can play with her!  He is, of course, still “my Max” to her, and she does not like other kids coming near him.  =)  She is only a little protective.  haha

Lexie is doing all sorts of amazing things for not even being 2.5 yet.  She can name and point out: California, Nevada, TX, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma on the map; she knows where Idaho is, but she can’t ever remember the name of it.  Her back-bend is incredible, and of course she still loves gymnastics.  We have started doing some handstands and cartwheels at home; that’s fun!  She speaks in clear, complete sentences unless she is being silly around a big group of people.  She tends to act a little nervous around a lot of people; most people wouldn’t say that about her, but her behavior at home compared to being around a large group is different.  She is shy around certain people, usually men.  Second to gymnastics, she LOVES to sing.  She has so many “favorite” songs, and asks me to sing with her all the time.  She is constantly humming while playing independently.  

Here are a few pics I don’t think I have posted before:

playing with her doll house

reading to her Moose  (obviously she picked out her socks)

Our 8″ snow on Christmas

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