Yay For Being a Stay at Home Mommy (for the summer)!

Well, we are home-on a M O N D A Y!!!!  It is the best Mother’s Day gift ever!  We are going to make some more baby foods this afternoon-I think we will do apples and bananas today and see how those go.  We are going to try cinnamon, too!  Very exciting.

Lexie is doing wonderfully on her new routine!  She gets up about 6:30 (usually because she is poopy) and then we play until 7:00, which is when she eats.  AND (this is BIG!) We think she is SIGNING “MILK!!!”  When she wakes up and snuggles she immediately starts doing the sign for milk; I was mistaking it for her wave “Hi” that she does.  But no-we are pretty sure it is milk.  WOO HOO I knew we had a genius baby  😉  So anyways, she eats at 7:00am, plays in her pack n play for 30+ minutes while I do some chores and get things ready for the day.  When she gets tired of the pack n play, we play on the floor and have mommy/baby time.  Then about 9:30am she goes down for a nap, which lasts until about 11:00am.  Then she wakes up and eats again, plays for while, goes down for a nap between 100-1:30pm, and  wakes about 3:00.  Then she eats and we begin again!  Finally at 6:00pm she has dinner and is asleep by 7:00pm.  Then Daddy and I have the rest of the evening to do whatever we need to get done-eat dinner, chores outside or inside that we didn’t get finished.  We could not ask for a better, sweeter baby!  (well, maybe the next 2 or 3 could be just as sweet?)  I am thinking we will have 3 kids.. unless the first 3 aren’t boys then we will probably have 4.  =)

Lexie has always been a happy baby, but there were many days when she was so cranky.  SHE WAS TIRED.  At school she could not nap well, once she woke up at the end of a sleep cycle, they got her up.  So she sometimes had a 45 minute nap.  This usually rolled over to our weekends together too, because she was not used to getting good rest and only knew to wake up.  NOW, she is taking 1.5-2 hour naps twice a day.  We have dropped the 3rd nap all together, because she is no longer exhausted in the afternoons!  It is amazing how much better we all feel when we get rest!

I went to Bryant Saturday afternoon and picked up Lexie a “like new” activity table-she loves it!  I have to hot glue some drawer liner to the bottom of the legs so it doesn’t slide around on her (with hard floors it could get pretty dangerous).  We went to our friends’ Bo and Jessica’s house and they had one for their little boy; I’d been wanting to get Lexie one and after seeing her play on their’s it was a definite-she needed one!  =)  Here are some pics of her playing on it.

Next I want to get her a baby swing for the yard.  Fun fun!

Today, my friend Whitney and I are taking the kids to Arkadelphia to get our caps and gowns and then to the park.  =)  I cannot believe we graduate in 4 days.  It is just surreal.. I still don’t think it has hit and I am fairly certain Friday will involve tears of joy.

Mmm, organic veggie puffs!  =)

Get in there!

Am I really doing it?!

I did it, and now I am pooped!

Sleepy baby

Sleepy Missy Cat

Oooh, what fun!

Are you getting this on camera?

Buttons!  (We are in a pushing-buttons phase!)

I can almost reach

My favorite toys

Trying to get to knees

Gotta love those legs!

So proud of herself!

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