Why I Write Reviews

Lately I have had many reviews flooding my blog, and I want to explain a little bit about that.

There are ebbs and flows with reviewing; some seasons are really busy (usually spring and Christmas times) and other seasons are slower.

You will not find a review on my blog for something I don’t stand behind, or believe to be useful, and good.  If I have a serious problem with a product, or really don’t find it useful, you will not hear a positive review from me.

(Hopefully if you don’t really like what I like, or trust my opinion/follow my thought process, you aren’t reading this blog anyaway <insert laughing face here>)

On most products, I am able to choose if I would like to use it, and review it- whether it be homeschool products, every day home goods, or books.  Sometimes I am blindly assigned a product or book based on what I enjoy; fortunately I have not encountered a problem with a product that I just could not recommend.

I am very lucky to get to work with some great publishers, companies/vendors, and publicists to share new and exciting products, sometimes before they even hit the shelf.  

I love sharing these things with my readers.

If you read what I write, you already know what I stand for, and the “things” in which I find value (simple, easy, Charlotte Mason, a gentle education, Jesus, just to name a few & definitely not in that order).  You won’t find anything outside of that here.

Most small blogs that share reviews with you do not do it for the free stuff, or for a kickback.  Most of us use things we love; and while we may find a way to earn a few pennies on an affiliate link, we don’t make cash by recommending something which we have used and found value.

It just doesn’t work that way.

If I write about it here, you can bet it is because I really like it, and think it may help someone else. I don’t have time in my day, nor do I wish I did, for things that take up space, are not meaningful to me, and do not feel like quality.

So, the last few weeks I’ve had several book and homeschool reviews happening, and I just wanted to share what was going on there.

As always, thank you for using any affiliate links on my blog. =) I hope to encourage you, introduce you to new things, and share meaningful experiences with you, even if it is through a blog.

Happy summer friends!

Disclaimer: Some links on this blog are affiliate links; when you use those links you help support my family, at no additional cost to you.  Thank you!

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