Wholesome Chapter Books For Kids {Circle C Series}

Finding a new book series for my 6.5 year old daughter to read independently has proven to be challenging.  We prefer non-twaddle books with sustenance, lessons, and deeper vocabulary than I can usually find in books targeted at most 6 year old…

When we had a chance to review Circle C Stepping Stones:  Andi Saddles Up ($7.99) and Andi Under the Big Top ($7.99) by Kregel Publications and Susan K. Marlow, I was very excited!

These are two exciting books from the Circle C Stepping Stones series, about a young girl names Andi.  In the first book of the series, Andi Saddles Up (112 pages), Andi makes a new friend on the ranch, but soon realizes both of their families are in a battle.  The two girls must overcome their families’ issues so they can continue their friendship.  There are lessons taught and learned from both children, and adults.

Andi Under The Big Top (112 pages) is the second book in this series; Andi helps a young boy who is in trouble, working for the circus.  Although she thought everything looked and seemed perfect and fun at the circus, she soon realizes she has been called to help Henry, and has to make a tough decision in doing so.

What We Thought

My 6.5 year old enjoyed these chapter books.  She spends a lot of time reading, and I do not have time to pre-read everything that comes in our home (most of the time I don’t pre read at all).  She felt comfortable reading these herself, and neither of us found inappropriate content for her.

There is fun, adventure, and lessons to be learned in both books; Lexie was able to point those out to me and discuss them pretty well, just from what she read and experienced in the books.  That is one more reason I can say these are good books to have on our shelf.

We also enjoyed the coloring pages found on the author’s website!

The coloring pages are beautiful illustrations, free, and go nicely with the books.  Because we enjoy journaling many of our books, Lexie will turn these into a literature journal of sorts to go along with each title.  We have not yet made it that far into our work, but that is our plan.

Circle C Stepping Stones

Along with the coloring pages, Susan K. Marlow has provided free activity pages that enrich the entire literature experience! These will also be added into our notebooking/literature journal for Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top; they are fun, complete activities which cover everything from comprehension to maps and hands on projects.  The creator has even covered character traits, which I know we homeschoolers like to cover- as well as puzzles.  I love that these are provided free, to help make a complete study of these books.  You also have the option of purchasing these printed in a spiral bound form.

If you enjoy creating units, this is just what you’re looking for!

You can see all the Circle C Stepping Stones titles HERE.  There will be 4 more coming to the series (yay!), which we are looking forward to.  Also, Susan K. Marlow has other series that look wonderful- we will probably be adding them to our library at some point.

I am relieved and excited that we have found a new historic series that I feel I can trust.  Lexie’s first words about the books, with eyes wide with excitement, were, “They are new western books from the 1800’s!”

Connect With Kregel Books and Susan K. Marlow

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  1. Susan Marlow says:

    Thanks for your (and Lexie’s) enthusiastic review of the new Stepping Stones books. 🙂
    Your little DD sounds quite precocious to connect the dots about the historical themes in the books just by looking at them. And 6.5. Wow. A blessing. But let me tell you . . . it gets really tough finding books as they grow into their teen years. I homeschooled all of my kids, and I also had an advanced reader (reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress at age 6). It was a little scary wondering what he was reading at 16, but at that point you have to trust you’ve given them a good head start into discernment.
    Thanks again, and I’m glad you enjoyed the books and find them worthwhile!

    • Meghan says:

      Thank you Susan for stopping in! I can only imagine how hard it is to find appropriate books as they get older. We will definitely continue following your series. Thank you for “safe” books with real content. =)

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