When We Don’t Have the Words

What we say and how we say it truly affects our hearts and the hearts of others deeply. I think we all know this, but sometimes I need a reminder .

A reminder that it isn’t so much what I say … but what I don’t say.

Having strength to not lose your cool when someone is ugly or judgmental of your lifestyle/choices as a family can be difficult.

The day will come when the fruit of our labor is ready, mamas! (And we get to enjoy little glances in the meantime) Let’s keep our thoughts and words focused on what the Lord says is good and not on what the world tells us we are doing wrong.

When we look back at our family, how we live, educate, worship, and build relationships in our home, will we say, “I wish we hadn’t spent so much time reading together,” or, “I wish we hadn’t protected our schedule so we could enjoy family camping trips, small vacations, and special days together?”

Let the words of the world roll off your back, give those seeds of doubt to the Lord. He has redeemed them! Let Him bless you and your words … or the lack there of.