When The Lord Takes Away #FMF {Joy}

This week’s Five Minute Friday word is Joy.

#FMF {joy}

It seems like a great way to end the year, since my word for this year was joy.

When I think of joy, I am reminded that every single thing that I turn into frustration, anxiety, and fear, God has already redeemed. He has already made it complete, done, joyful.

I just need to let it Be.

This year was really amazing in my journey with Christ; I began the year 3 months pregnant with our Coralie (baby #4). I remember being nauseous, tired, and cranky, but so overwhelmingly full of joy. We had a 2nd loss in July of 2015, and though we had not been trying, and were not trying again with Coralie, to find out God had different plans, that a baby we should not have been able to get pregnant with at that time, was going to be born brought so much joy.

And somehow, this year, in anticipation for baby #4, God took so much from me.

He took away many of the anxieties I had before.

(I am still working on things within myself) But I didn’t realize when I chose the word joy to pray on and work towards in 2016, that God wouldn’t just add it in!

God doesn’t just add things in- The Lord giveth and he taketh away.

He replaced those anxieties, angers, with Him. He replaced them with joy, and so. much. peace.

I still battle anxieties, fears of losing or something happening to my husband is probably #1. I become a mess inside when he gets on an airplane (which is frequently..). I have a few OCD tendencies that I can’t let up when he is gone. When these occasions pop up, I do tend to read reviews on the best CBD oil UK can provide for me, as well as other locations, as it’s said to help with these kinds of feelings, but for now, I believe in God to help rid of these.

There were so many other things before, and God just took them.

He took them from me, and filled those voids with unspeakable joy and unshakeable peace.


What do you think of when you hear JOY?



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