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I am watching this special on PBS called “Where Do The Children Play?”.  It is about how children today are not creating their own creativity because they are too busy sitting in front of a screen all day.  They do not know anything about nature; one doctor said that one cannot appreciate or understand nature, when one thinks everything comes wrapped in plastic.  They can tell you just about anything about places of the world, but have never experienced the world-even their own back yard.  This makes me think about the schools and how so many of them are going to personal computers for kids, which makes me sad.  How can they possibly learn to socialize when they are connected Twenty Four Seven?

My children may have cell phones in order to call me, but they will not have texting capabilities to their friends 24/7.  When they are in the house electronic devices will be off, and when they are not in the house they will be playing outside.  I refuse to let them be this generation that is never off the computer.  I guess that means I need to start disconnecting myself, huh?  I know she needs to understand and experience all those things, but I want her to enjoy the outdoors like we do, appreciate life and nature like we do, and have a love for all the creations around her that are not plugged into the wall.

There was this one community they mentioned, Beaker Island Michigan, that looks amazing.  There are 600 people there, 85 students in the one school, and a large respect for simpler times. They have some of the more modern amenities like internet and computers, but they do not connect to them 24/7.  The kids they interviewed played outside, helped their parents fish, enjoyed the sunset and did not even have an email address.  But they were healthy, normal kids who spoke standard English, yah know?  I don’t think that today’s “norms” are really all that normal.

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  1. naomigrace says:

    I struggle with this too! Some days when I have a ton of school work it is so tempting to let Ernie and Elmo help baby-sit (no violence, good moral stories, educating, plus she LOVES them). But I gotta remember… do I really want to always be coming to her aid for entertainment with some “device.” Part of me likes the idea of that place you mentioned – but then part of me wonders what kind of culture shock they’re in for when they go off to college. Will they know about jump drives and powerpoint, etc? Or are they just not obsessed with it? Patrick and I joke now, with the way things are going, we’re going to have to get Em a cell phone when she enters Kindergarten to keep up!

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