Weekly Wrap Up: October 27, 2013 {Katy No-Pocket, Before Five in A Row}

This week we read the book,Katy No-Pocket.  Lexie really enjoyed this story.  When we read it, Max decided he needed to go get our kangaroo stuffed animal and make it “hop hop hop.”

tracing the number of syllables, the drawing of her apple,
and just some doodles with the letter L

This past week, we started clapping out syllables.  Lexie is really into words, and how they sound so I thought it was something she would either A) enjoy and understand, or B) enjoy and not really understand, or C) tell me she didn’t like it, didn’t understand it, and we would move on.

Well, she mostly understands it!  She has a hard time sometimes telling me how many times she clapped (like, she doensn’t keep count while she is clapping) but she always claps the syllables correctly … I was very proud of her!  She told me this morning, “I really like doing activities.  But syl-lal-bles are hard.”  But she continued to do them.

Here is a loose outline of our week:
BFIAR Story: Katy No Pocket (we used this lap book printable)

Memory Work: 
Psalm 118:24  “This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Naming 5 senses (review)
I’m Glad, poem by Christina Rosetti (review)

Habits/Character: Generosity
Deuteronomy 15:8, ties into Katy No Pocket
1 Timothy 6:18
Bible story Luke 16:19-31

counting syllables (LOVES this!)
Letter Aa, sight word at (review because she already knows at) but this leads up to the -at word family for next week which she also knows, but review is good.

her first name, introduce writing last name
Letter Aa, sight word at
Lexie has been requesting we write all of our names on her dry erase board, so she can trace them, spell, and read them.

fall, senses
Singapore Math Unit 2 contd. begin Unit 3
Australia (Katy No Pocket), review NSEW, north and south poles, continent song, Oceans (all review)

do a dot paints, paint on easel, sensory bath with peppermint oil, violin lessons, gymnastics,
and of course paying outside as much as possible!  =)

Max is mostly just learning his animal sounds (which he knows), reading books, doing sensory activities like the bath play, stacking blocks for fine motor skills, etc.  I think this week I may let him do messy play with dairy-free pasta.  If you have ideas for dairy free, safe, messy play for a 13 month old, let me know!

I can’t imagine Lexie without her learning time- she would be bouncing off the walls!  She just loves learning time; she craves the structure, the challenge, and the one on one time with me.  It is just so good for her, and I feel very blessed that I am able to enjoy it with her.

Family Bible is her favorite, and she loves the Noah’s Ark picture.
She loves doing the poke pages from Reading the Alphabet, and this is how she is learning her sight words.  So far she knows: look, at, I, see, and the by sight (most of the time  haha).
Poke page from Reading the Alphabet by: This Reading Mama

Later in the week we decided to cut open the pumpkins we had on the front porch, and do some exploring.  It was a LOT of fun!  Scarlet, the dog, enjoyed cleaning up the mess…


Snuggy day with babies.  Lexie likes to read to Max, when she is feeling snuggy and calm.


 A week after recovering from colds, eating sourdough pancakes and kombucha- full of probiotics to help recovery.

At the end of the week, we went for haircuts {before family pictures}.  I always enjoy getting Lexie a haircut- I love those curls short and bouncy! (and manageable!)

The night of DST, we were keeping the kids up a little later so they would sleep to regular time the next morning.  We had been wanting to take them bowling, so we chose that night to try it.  It was a HUGE hit!  We will definitely be going more often!

And that was most of our week.  As usual, Lexie did great at gymnastics and violin.  She really enjoys her time with Ms. Brianna at violin.  She gets to practice using her bow this week, so we are looking forward to that!

  Still trying to figure out Mister’s naps; he is almost ready to drop the second nap, which is causing early waking in the mornings, and it takes him longer to fall asleep at naps.  His naps determine Lexie’s learning time and activities, and also when I can get blog posts written!  I am still debating on trying to wean him onto one nap, or just going cold turkey (which is more my style…).  This weaning process makes me nervous and feels hectic, since I never know what time he will finally fall asleep or wake up.  Not fun …

And that’s it!  We are expecting lots of rain, and possible “wintery mix” today. 

Have a great week!
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