Weekly Wrap Up: Homeschool Preschool Week of 9-30-13 with Sensory Play

Here is our weekly wrap up for the week of September 30, 2013

This week we continued reading about apples and fall.  We also started discussing the 5 senses.  I LOVE to hear Lexie describe things!  She does a great job, and just loves to talk,

Bowing- we always begin violin with a bow, and applause

Our Bible verse for the next few weeks is  I John 4:19.  She requested I take these pictures, as she “wrote,” while I read the verse from our Family Bible.  haha

I am trying to convince her to hold her marker correctly … she says it feels better when it sit on her pinky finger.  Any ideas?!

Lexie is very much into tracing, so instead of coloring the cross, she wanted to trace it!

We have started unit two of the Singapore Kindergarten Early Bird book.  Again, she didn’t want to color, she wanted to trace the rectangles, so I let her.  This math is going to get pretty tough here soon, so we will probably either skip around, or just do our own thing, then go back and review.

To prepare for a beginning letter sounds activity, she wanted to cut out the pictures.

We talked about the five sense, and continued the discussion during play.  Lexie described her counting bears to me this morning, using all her senses.  They “felt hard, are kinda bumpy, didn’t taste like anything, smelled like plastic” (haha), and when she looked at them she “saw lots of colors and faces.”

This week we played with vinegar and baking soda, for sensory play.  Lexie LOVED it.  As in, eventually I just put her in the tub with a bottle of vinegar and a bowl of baking soda.  haha  She liked the gritty feeling it had, and enjoyed the vinegary smell.  She didn’t mind tasting it etiher.

For Max, I prepared a baby sensory bag of shaving cream and paint.  Then I taped it shut and let him enjoy.

 Lexie loves her letter building set, and has played with it a lot this week.

Lexie and Max dumping the counting bears (this is when we used our sense to describe them).

Today we went for a 3 mile jog, and ended it with 2 hours of outside play.  We stopped at the end of our run to pick leaves that are changing colors already!  We just love fall!  

Then we collected a caterpillar in hopes it will make a cocoon and become a butterfly.  It is in a jar on my kitchen counter as we speak.  =)

That has been our big week!  What have you and your family done this week?  Share in the comments!

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  1. Beth says:

    It looks like a fun week at your house. Some of the correct fingering will come with age and growth of fingers. I like the Pipsqueak markers they are small and force a bit more correct fingering. I also use triangular pencils to help. Golf pencils also help because they are small.

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