Weekly Wrap Up: 9/13/13- our first preschool week

Here is our weekly Wrap Up for this week.

We really started our homeschool preschool the week of September 3rd, so this is a back track of the last 2 weeks.  It has been so much fun.  Each Sunday I prepare everything for the coming week.

We always use This Reading Mama’s Reading the Alphabet curriculum for our letter of the week and sight words (and some great activities).

Then we also use lapbook printables and activities from Homeschool Creations, that go with our story of the week from Before Five In A Row.  She has great printable packs by theme also (we use them for seasons and science). 

Last week we began our Nature Studies as a weekly activity we do on Fridays.  I put together Lexie a science kit to take with us.

Library and the park 2 weeks ago

From our nature walk- it’s Old Wise Owl’s hole, from The Little Grey Rabbit series

Collecting dandelions to blow

It has taken Lexie quite a while to begin enjoying drawing pictures, and scribbling.  She has always been anxious about it because she didn’t think what she drew looked like anything.  now that she has begun enjoying drawing and writing more, we practice it more to build those fine motor skills, and she is doing a great job writing letters and drawing pictures!  I am so proud of her.

Writing her name- she would write a letter, then I would write one for her to trace, then she wrote a letter, etc.

Apparently, this is MY thinking face, and Lexie has now adopted it…

Really thinking about this ..

She drew her daddy- looks like a person to me!  yay Lexie!

She got an art easel for her birthday from Granny, Grandpa, and Mia- and she LOVES it!

Her rainbow- they’re her favorite!

Making squares and rectangles

We have also been very busy in our little garden the last week.  The tomatoes have all decided to turn red at once- we have a lot of fermenting and putting up to do!

“My sweet daddy, with big hair, in the sun.  With clouds.”

Practicing cutting out strips from the Reading the Alphabet activities

“let’s sort them!”

making patterns

being adventurous- in the rain!  Mama’s girl!

Max LOVES going down the slide with Lexie


Building with Mister- my sister in law and her family have sent the kids another set of unit blocks to add to ours!  We are so excited because now we can make some really neat structures!  One set isn’t quite enough to do much with, but two will give us hours of fun!

Lexie is obsessed with kites- and especially the kites in Mary Poppins.  =)  So on our first beautiful, cool, windy, almost-fall day, we flew the kite.  She was determined to do it herself!  She did a great job!

Using her magnify glass to look at our roses.

J.Tom has been gone this week to Luxembourg- so for his coming home we made homemade chicken and dumplins’ for the first time.  It is SO good!  We also made fresh whole wheat bread to go with it.  We can’t wait to share with daddy, but until then, Lexie is enjoying them!

helping mix the dumplins’

She approved!

Reading this morning while I get breakfast together (and coffee made!).

So, that’s a two and a half week update!  I am going to really do better about updating weekly, hopefully each Friday for the Weekly Wrap Up Linkup at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.  =)

Lexie now has responsibilities that we keep on a chart.  She has always had them, but now they are scheduled/routined into our day.  I will make a post and link to the awesome chart I used. 

So this is what our days look like now:

7am- kids up, milk, snuggle and wake up good
7:30 breakfast and Bible
8:00 Max independent play, Mama and Lexie do morning chores- make beds, brush teeth, comb hair, empty dishwasher (if not already done), get dressed (haha- sometimes)
Max comes out of IP at the 12 minute mark for now.
8:30 play time as family, reading, building blocks, train set, etc.
9:00 Max down for nap- I think this is going to change soon because he is shortening his naps, I think he needs a longer wake time.  We are extending in 15 minute intervals
After Max goes down Mama and Lexie do learning time for about one hour or less

Learning time includes (and not all in one day.  We don’t do all of this every single day- we mostly play!):

  • Calendar
  • Reading BFIAR book, lexie can color during this time
  • Memory work- Recite memory verse (Matthew 7:12) and poem of the month (Wind)
  • Copywork- letter of the week and name
  • Activities from Reading the Alphabet, BFIAR lapbook activities (If Jesus Came to My House)
  • Singapore math sheets/concepts, math activities with manipulatives- same, different, matching, identifying numbers past 10, more, less, just whatever math stuff we want to talk about really  =)
  • Geography- (***Lexie is obsessed with this because of her daddy traveling, so we thought we would add it in) She is learning about the compass rose on a map, countries on her globe, and North, East, South, and West.  This is really just a conversation because she wants to learn about it, nothing “formal.”
  • Science is based on whatever we want to learn about and nature studies.  This week we didn’t really do anything, but next week we begin with apples and fall, which will last a few weeks I am sure.
10:00 Lexie Independent play in her room- 30 minutes-1 hour
11:00 Max up, bottle- errands, play outside, go to park, library, etc
12:00 lunch with daddy
1:00   More play time, prep dinner, etc
1:45   Naps for all!
3:00  Everyone up, Max bottle if Lexie slept she sleeps until she gets up (about 1.5 hours), snacks
play until daddy comes home, run errands

So this is our “real preschool” schedule, if you consider a 3 year old in need of preschool?  We think it is fun learning time; if she were not interested, we would not have learning time this young.  Obviously it isn’t rigorous or set in stone.  Our days are spent playing, reading, and being a family!

What did your week look like this week?  

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  1. Ginny Gafford says:

    Love all her drawings! Nyla is obsessed with drawing animals, cars, smiley faces, whatever she wants. She usually wants me to show her how to draw something, then she tries herself. She’s pretty good at imitating some things.
    How many tomato plants do y’all have?
    Love that you included a schedule of your day. I was just thinking the other day what your days looked like lately.

    • Megs501 says:

      I love watching their imaginations come to life in their drawings- and how they grow over time! Nyla does some impressive stuff, too! I saw she wrote her name the other day, it looked great! Can you believe they are big enough for all this stuff? aaah!

      I think we have about 12 plants altogether? Some are romas, some are beefy boys, worly girls?, and lots of cherries. We planted them late, and on top of that the season starts later here … so we are just now getting red fruit. But they are good! =)

      I feel like every month I change up our days .. haha! But it seems like there is something new, or different all the time. This routine is going really well, so I hope it lasts for a while. I decided to start doing learning time in the kitchen, instead of downstairs, because she was too distracted by all the toys down there … hopefully this will work better!

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