Week 10 Summary

Here he is 12 weeks old, and I am posting his 10 week summary!  But just read it as if he were in fact 10 weeks old.  =)

Mister has been sleeping until 6:00am most morning, when he isn’t comung unswaddled!  He has started breaking out of his swaddle about 2:00am, and wakes himself up between 3-5am.  His movements are not yet smooth enough to wean him from the swaddle, and he still has the startle reflex, which babies usually outgrow between 4-6 months.  So for now we are keeping the swaddle.

We have pretty much been gone from the house for two weeks.  We spent several days on a family road trip, came home for 2 days, then went to Memphis for a family Thanksgiving.  It was a great time, although too short, as always.  I have such a better time when JTom comes with me, I don’t get home sick as quickly; when it’s just me and the kids I am ready to go home within 2 days.  But unfortunately, JTom can’t be gone from work that long at a time.

Mister is either on a nursing strike or the reflux is hurting him, not sure which.  But he hasn’t been nursing that well.  He is taking about 5oz in a bottle, after nursing.  His reflux seems to have flared again, despite the prevacid.  So we are going to go back to the dr after the holdiays.  I called and she recommended thickening his bottles; problem is he doesn’t like them thickened.  He just plays with it and doesn’t eat.  So that’s definitely not good.  He is finally awake for longer periods of time.  He has rolled over a few times from his belly to back, but not much.  Like his sister, he gets angry while on his belly and usually just fusses.

Lexie’s 2 year molars seems to be most of the way in.  She loves school, gymnastics, and now she loves playing with her brother.  The first few weeks were a breeze, then after about 4 weeks she realized he was staying and she started acting out.  But now, it’s like she is over the acting out and jealousy
 for the most part.  She wakes up from nap wanting to play with Max, she wants to snuggle with us together in the chair.  So, I think things are starting to smooth over, but I know there will still be rough days.  

So, this is the 10 week update.  It’s not as in depth, since I have forgotten a lot of what went on.  But hopefully the 12 week I post in a few days will be more detailed.


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