Washable Markers That Won’t Dry Out for 7 Days {Magic Stix- a review}

The holiday season is here, and among my favorite Christmas gifts, there is always an item from The Pencil Grip, Inc. We have been using their 12 pack of Magic Stix markers and of course, they were a hit! These can take their place next to our favorite art supplies.

Magic Stix art supplies markers won't dry out

Easy and safe to use, Magic Stix are non toxic, washable markers- but even better-they won’t dry out for 7 days with the cap off! *Calling all mamas of toddlers* These are your markers! Magic Stix are true, vibrant, colors with a smooth writing tip. My 7 year old daughter really enjoyed writing with them, because they’re not a very fat marker, but not the very skinny markers that are harder to hold. The tips were good for both writing, drawing, and coloring she said. The kids made a few Christmas cards for family and wrote in their journals today using Magic Stix; I was impressed with the quality of the marker and the nice colors! There are so many games to play on a whiteboard that I just knew that these markers would be great at entertaining my kids when needs be.

Being able to hand my children art supplies for free time at the table has been *so* easy with our Kwik Stix, and now I can add Magic Stix those activities. When the 3 year old leaves a lid off a marker, it will continue to work, saving me a lot of time (checking lids), and money! Markers can be expensive, especially when a new color is dried out every few days- but not with Magic Stix. We were only able to leave the lid off the marker a few days before someone accidentally put it away, but it was still working as if the lid had been on the whole time!

Magic Stix make a great birthday gift, and will be wonderful last minute stocking stuffers this Christmas.


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