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Pure Flix is a family friendly streaming service featuring shows your family can enjoy without fowl language, graphic scenes, or inappropriate content. Their fan-favorite cop drama, Vindication, is a great show for adults and teens.

Vindication on Pure Flix now!

Vindication is a faith-based police drama that connects families struggling with sin to law enforcement (specifically Sergeant Travis). The show gives viewers a look into all walks of life and covers topics such as temptation, parenting teens, drug addiction/relapse/recovery, money problems, misunderstanding others’ behaviors, autism, prostitution/human trafficking, and so much more.

Each episode focuses on a storyline that always comes back to God; each episode’s real life struggle leads right back to the Lord, and having a relationship with Him. I love that the police in this show are able to show God’s love though their job and how they relate to the victims and offenders. We see those struggling with their faith, those without faith at all come to the Lord, and Christians who grow further in their faith.

No matter the struggle characters face, there is always a message of redemption that is evident to viewers. Families may be torn a part or  lives in ruin, but the Lord always prevails.

Vindication stars Todd Terry as Gary Travis, Venus Monique as Detective Kris Tanner, and Peggy Schott as Becky Travis. There are a few other familiar faces in the episodes as well.

We are so looking forward to season 2! I can’t wait to get that review for yall, so you know what to look forward to. If you don’t already have Pure Flix, look into it today!

There’s something for everyone in the family- No more searching for something everyone will enjoy.

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