Valentine’s Day Service Projects for Families

We try to serve throughout the year in ways we are able, which can feel pretty limited with 5 children. Most places that offer serving opportunities have age limits, none of which we meet yet. But there are so many other ways to serve and give throughout the year via the Christmas Tree Angel, helping stock the local food pantry, collecting coats for kids, and giving extra food from the farm to places like Jackson House.

Valentine’s Day is no different! There are lots of ways to show others in the community they are loved and valued.

Valentine's Day Service Projects for Families

I will try to order ideas from what younger children can help with, to older children. These could probably also be done by homeschool co-op groups, youth groups, or just like minded families that want to join together.

  • Make valentines (colored pictures are perfect) to share with nursing home residents
  • Use your homeschool scripture copywork as Valentine’s! Send them to family with illustrations and notes on the back.
  • Send valentines to missionaries from your church, or missionaries in your community- local missionaries are often overlooked
  • Make decorations for a local nursing home, children’s home, or foster family you may know (foster families are often overlooked in their generosity as well!)
  • Make baked goods, special cards, or decorations for the policemen, firefighters, and first responders in your area.
  • Facilitate a VDay parade for residents in the hospital or nursing home with lots of red, pink, and white
  • Play music for residents at a local nursing home or children’s home (getting creative by doing it on the lawn during restrictions will work!)
  • Make Valentine’s Rocks to hide around town- gas stations, local parks, near school, etc.
  • I like the idea of taking flowers and a meal to a widow or widower, as well.
  • Let the leaders of your co-op, youth group, or other group classes know they’re appreciated with homemade baked goods

I’m sure there are so many other good ideas, out there. What are yours?



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