Using The Starfall Home Membership in our Homeschool {an honest review}

We have enjoyed learning games from Starfall Education Foundation for many years. The last several weeks we have had a chance to use The Starfall Home Membership which offers even MORE wonderful math tools and phonemic exploration for children learning to read, learn early math skills, and sing nursery rhymes.

This has probably been one of our favorite products to review that all my children can use. Even my 18 month old can use the app, but because I don’t yet give her screen time, she enjoys singing and dancing to the songs and rhymes with her 3 older siblings as they learn through games and play.

About The Starfall Home Membership

Starfall is a publicly supported non-profit organization that offers free and low cost learning experiences for children via their website and apps. We have been using Starfall since my oldest was a toddler; my mother is a veteran school teacher of over 20 years, and when she introduced me to Starfall 6 years ago, I knew it was amazing! The Starfall Home Membership not only supports a noble organization, as they are constantly updating & expanding content in their apps/programs thanks to members, it offers even more quality resources to families. (Your $35 membership is also tax deductible!)

The Starfall Home Membership is one account for use by immediate family (including grandparents) for one year. One email and password is all your family needs to authorize all your computers and mobile devices. It can be used in a web browser, or via the Starfall App (this is how we use it the most, as my children do not yet get a lot of computer time).

Below are only a few of the many activities included with The Starfall Home Membership:

  • ABC rhyme’s
  • Historical American Folk Songs
  • 48 Nursery Rhyme songs (in the form of a playlist, which can be shuffled, or played continuously in the app!)
  • seasonal songs and activities
  • more math songs
  • identifying colors activities
  • SO many more 2nd grade level activities in both language arts and math (too many to name them all)

Starfall Membership

In all, there are nearly 1,000 activities that can be accessed when you purchase The Starfall Home Membership! There are many ways for your children to grow in both language, math, and critical thinking skills with Starfall when you join. I am really kicking myself for not having joined sooner; I can imagine number sense and math in general would have been much smoother for my very analytical thinking child, had I used all that Starfall offers! She is now 7 years old, enjoys using Starfall for math practice, as well as the folk songs and reading stories from the I’m Reading section. She soaks up everything she can about cultures and history, so the Greek Myths, Folk Tales, and Chinese Fables are favorites.

My now 5 year old is a very bright boy, who loves to read and do math. Starfall’s learning games have allowed him to expand his mathematical thinking far beyond where we are in our homeschool math curriculum, making those concepts easier for him to grow on later. They are simple, yet challenging and *very* developmentally appropriate, all while being effective. We all know boys typically enjoy learning through games and activity, so Starfall is perfect for my son! The number sense activities allow him to see the digits, as well as the amount they represent, ideal for visual learners.

A few days a week, while I am schooling with my older children, my 3 year old sits next to me and uses the app for her “learning time.” She has already learned so much about sorting letters, their sounds, capital and lower case, counting, and 1:1 correspondence with Starfall! It is something she (and I) looks forward to, and I can feel 100% certain she is “safe” while using The Starfall Home Membership. There is much to be said for peace of mind when handing a small child a device, especially when it involves education.

Starfall In Our Homeschool


On top of all this, Starfall Education Foundation‘s website offers a Starfall Parent-Teacher Center FULL of helpful teaching and learning tools. I found guides for using Pre-K through 2nd grade levels with outlines for using both the free program, and the expanded content for members. There is a plethora of resources that support the concepts learned within The Starfall Home Membership.

In the printable downloads sections there are language, writing, and math resources which include: printable books, writing prompts, crossword puzzles and other phonemic activities, grammar and parts of speech activities, journaling, counting money, value, more and less than, and the list goes on! It is truly a treasure trove of resources that make learning fun and solidify those early learning concepts.

I am so thankful for Starfall Education Foundation. I am even more thankful for their option to become a member through The Starfall Home Membership, how they have helped my children grow, and develop confidence through play based learning.

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