U.S.A. Homeschool Activity Bundle {a review}

This summer we have traveled- what seems like- endlessly.  Thankfully that is over, so now we can get into a good end-of-summer routine before starting back at it for the new year. One of our fun homeschool activities this summer has been studying a few states, using {for review} the USA Activity Bundle from The Crafty Classroom.

This year we have slowly studied early American history and have learned a little here and there about the states in our country. The eBooks from the USA Activity Bundle seemed like a perfect way to study a little in depth about a few states with which my children are very familiar.

What It Is and How We Used It

The USA Activity Bundle is comprised of 3 eBooks/parts:

The State by State Activity Notebook offers a template page for each state.  The notebook pages are a lot of fun, offering space to write in all the important facts about the state itself. Students can write (or dictate for an adult to write) everything from the abbreviation to mapping important landmarks on the state itself.

My children all enjoyed mapping our large state park, the capital, and the major river closest to us on their small state map.  I was surprised when my almost 5 year old was able to correctly point out our state on his small US map, found in the top corner of each state page.

I really like how these notebook pages allow children to see not just their state, but where it lies in reference to all the other states. Just from their paper we were able to talk about the bordering states, if we were a west coast, east coast, southern, or mid western state, and how the location of our state affects our weather.

(not seen below are the notes my 6 year old dictated to me, which I wrote for her)

Kansas State Fact Sheet

My daughter liked the notebooking page so much, she decided to draw a “journaling” entry on the back, of things we like to do in our state. (I was honestly surprised at the amount of creativity shown and true fun (which equals learning!) the kids had with this entire bundle.)

journaling entry

The State Bird Art Cards are a lot of fun as well! We didn’t realize how many states shared state birds (there are only 27 state birds, total).

My chicken-loving kiddos were excited to see two chickens listed as state birds, one being the Rhode Island Red (of which we have many) … I imagine you can guess which state it belongs to. 😉

State bird Crafty Clssrm

The Crafty Classroom has provided a list of resources for you to use when filling in the bird fact/art cards- some free, others that aren’t.  We found the free resource to be perfect for what we needed. The memory matching cards at the bottom of each page (not shown in the screen shot of the Rhode Island Red, above) make for a lot of fun! That is definitely a game we will need to practice at, but even mama enjoyed that one.  While I knew some of the state birds, many I could not identify on my own.

The U.S.A. 50 State Mazes  pack was probably my son’s favorite part! The boy loves mazes, and let me tell you- these were challenging. We studied the states where we have family living, or have visited on vacations. So we tried out several different mazes, all were a big hit, even with the two year old tag-along.  haha

50 State Mazes

The 3 eBooks in the USA Activity Bundle make wonderful history or nature study/journal entries. I think we will be including ours in our end of the year notebooks, which I will have spiral bound.  But I considered making lapbooks with them too.

After checking out their website, I really want to use some of their other awesome products! We are excited to continue using this bundle throughout our homeschool journey, as we learn about more US states!

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