Tidying Tips {with Llama Llama}

Llama Llama is back! This time, he has a big ole mess on his hands. When Mama says it is time to clean up, Llama doesn’t want to help. As any good mama would do, Mama Llama gets creative- What would it be like if she didn’t clean at all? What a mess they would live in! No space for puzzles, stinky food laying around, no clean dishes.

Cleaning Up with Llama Llama

In the latest funny and entertaining Llama Llama book from Anna Dewdney comes Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess. You can’t help but love and relate to little Llama and this book is no different! Our family had fun reading this one together; my 4 children realized what a disaster our home would be if we never cleaned up at all. Grab your pre-order copy HERE!

 Time to pick up all your toys!
Why is Mama making noise?
Mama says it’s cleaning day.
Llama only wants to play.

So how can we make cleaning up an easy, and sometimes fun task for the littles?

  • Make a routine- Beds made upon waking, wiping out the sink after brushing teeth, and clearing the table of dishes after breakfast. I leave a Norwex cloth for my kids to use to wipe out their sink and wipe down the bathroom counter. This is perfect for easy clean up-simply rinse and hang up- and allows for once a week washing of the Norwex cloth with my other Norwex cleaning rags.
  • After each transition throughout the day, tidy up what has been misplaced- Before going outside, leaving the house for an outing, or moving on to meal time, we look around and pick up the floor and books stacked all about. This doesn’t take long at all, and means less stress later on.
  • Every night before bed take 10-15 minutes to tidy up- everything that belongs in bedrooms, on shelves, in a basket, put it away! This is a life saver. As a homeschool mama to 4, it can be overwhelming to wake up in the morning to a house covered in chaos. Make it easy by having everyone help tidy before bed time!

Mama’s To-Do

  • We can simplify our life by doing 2 easy things- throwing away and getting rid of things! If it is broken, or missing pieces, chunk it. If it is never used, resell or rehome it. This keep the clutter knocked down and allows our families to enjoy the things they do really find joy in!
  • Wipe it down- kitchen counters, tables, and sinks take only a few minutes to wipe down and immediately look better! *aaah* I love my Norwex kitchen cloths for this job, but any good kitchen rag will do.
  • Does it bring me joy?- Sometimes as a mama, I tend to collect my own clutter … books, crafting supplies, ads, coupons, and calendars of events that I *plan* to get to. but despite my love for all things journaling, planning, and listing, it can’t ALL be done at one time. Organizing my hobbies by season helps me know what I will get to now, and what needs to wait until winter. If I know using that coupon isn’t in my budget, there’s no need to make it fit (and risk going over budget) just throw it away! More will come!
  • Turn it off- I know, it is hard to step away from messages, facebook, emails, work, and bill paying to focus on chores. BUT, if we limit the distractions now, do the work quickly and thoroughly, then there will be lots of time for the other things!

Enjoy your family! Make cleaning up easy on yourself and your kids by limiting the stuff, hand off age appropriate chores to the kids, and remember to tidy a few times a day. It can make finding joy in the mess much easier.

How do you keep on top of the clutter and mess?

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