Thin Stix Review & Giveaway! {no mess tempera paint in a stick}

We have been using and *loving* some new tempera paints from The Pencil Grip, Inc.– their Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors.  These make the most perfect gifts-from stocking stuffers and birthday bags, to “new mama” gifts for toddler or older siblings (because YES being able to put the tot in a high chair or at the table with paper and mess-free paint while mama nurses the baby or just sits down, is in fact, a gift).

About Thin Stix

Thin Stix are a new line from one of our family’s favorite companies; when I say you can always rely on quality products from The Pencil Grip, Inc.,  I. Mean. Always.

I am never disappointed and tell others about them all the time!

Thin Stix are a thinner version of their shorter, chunkier, Kwik Stix.  Like Kwik Stix, Thin Stix are solid tempera paint, in a fast-dry formula.  Simply uncap the paint, twist it up like a glue stick, and create!
The paint itself is solid, high quality, and the colors are vibrant.  It dries in 90 seconds, and is safe for littles to use-they are non toxic (which is good because my 2 year old still tries to eat them sometimes)!
Said 2 year old loves using our “paint sticks” during school and art, and I can feel good about letting her do art with us without the stress of spilling water.  There is no mess- did you hear that?!  NO mess at all to clean up.  If paint gets on the table, I just wipe it off with a rag.  No clean up, no rinsing bowls or cups, no drying paint brushes.  Just put the cap on and we are done!

Thin Stix Tempera Paint Sticks- no mess! {review}

My older two, 6 and 4 years old, love using the Thin Stix because they are better able to control the stick to create more detailed paintings.

My favorite thing about these paints, aside from the virtually non existent clean up, is the vibrant color each ones puts on paper (or whatever material chosen).  Thin Stix are the exact color you see on the stick, they are rich and not a typical child quality art product- I would call them premium quality!  They glide on the paper like butta, and can easily be smeared and blended before they dry. A light touch is all it takes, but for more intense color, or a thicker coat you can press harder, similar to adding coats of paint on a wall.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the art that my kids have created with Thin Stix.  Because they are thin, they were able to create smaller details for pictures like suns, rain drops, and even smaller clouds amidst larger ones.  It also makes writing words or names in paint even easier.

I am looking forward to using them in my journaling Bible, because unlike regular paints, they dry so quickly I don’t have to worry about time between mediums.

I cannot wait to try their Neon Thin Stix next, and I really hope we see more products from this line- we love our tempera paint in a stick!

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Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint

Now for the giveaway!

Rules: Giveaway runs from May 24, 2017- June 4, 2017. Open to US residence only, prize provided by Pencil Grip, Inc.  One random winner chosen.
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  1. Marty says:

    We have a lot of creative activities we enjoy; I can’t think of just one favorite. Right now, the kids are really into tie-dye and making stepping stones out of Quickcrete and found objects.

  2. Tiffany Marston says:

    I am not an artsy mom but my little kids love to draw and color all the time. My oldest is a budding digital artist and she is an amazing artist.

  3. Karen Propes says:

    They really love coloring and painting. I create little craft boxes and when I go over or they visit we make little projects. They love working with their hands.

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We like to get out the bin of markers, paints, pencils, glues and whatever else we have collected and see what happens. Anything from wall art to fairy gardens 🙂

  5. Thomas Ryan says:

    My daughter is an amazing little artist. I would love these for her. Thank you so much for this AMAZING opportunity.

  6. Amy Malone says:

    the kiddos and I love to do crafts. We love making wreaths right now. W are working on coloring pages to make a colorful wreath and the markers would be an awesome for them thanks for the chance

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