The Travel Potty {a must have!}

We just got back from a 5 day trip to see family.  Well, actually .. the husband was hunting and then had to do some work in the same two towns we have family.  So the kids and I hijacked his 9 hour trip.  =)

It was great fun!  Everything is finally unpacked, and the unpacking process reminded me of a few things you should always, always do or have when traveling long distances with children.

The most important of these things?  Get one of THESE —> A portable, take-with-you-everywhere car potty.

A friend of ours gave me hers when her youngest was past the “I gotta go RIGHT NOW” phase, when I was potty training my oldest.  I would have paid her $100 for it had I known then what I know now!

Must Have Traveling Accessory

Why do you need one?  Oh my!  Let me count the ways ….

  1. No more public bathrooms- I know, you’re thinking it is ridiculous that one might actually want to avoid public bathrooms at the expense of peeing in the car.  Well, next time you have 3 tiny humans, two of which are potty trained, and one of which is a 13 month old with very grabby hands, you will understand avoiding public bathrooms.
  2. Potty training is So. Much. Easier- I don’t use pull ups to potty train.  I know, sometimes they are miraculous but they always just seemed like a diaper to me.  So we have naky babies running around trying to potty in little bitty potties for a few days to learn about the process.  But in those days, you HAVE to go places- the grocery, the bank, the post office … the park!  But have no fear!  When you have a tiny port a potty in the car, just whip out a plastic bag and let your little go potty before going in the store/building/park.  We never had accidents out in public, because the kids always pottied before we left the house, and then went again in the car when we arrived at our location.
  3. They’re easy- fold over a plastic bag, let them potty, and then throw it away.  We keep extra plastic bags in the car at all times.
  4. When you’re on a 9+ hour road trip and someone has to potty but there isn’t a gas station or rest stop (or you JUST got onto the toll road and there’s no where to use a restroom), you can pull over to a safe place and let them go in the port a potty.
  5. There are other ways to use this particular potty seat; it can also be placed on a full size potty when potty training, or as a protective seat on another toilet (but that is kinda weird …)

I sound crazy don’t I?

I probably do … but man it is SO convenient and saves a lot of time and accidents when traveling with small children on long and short trips.  Not to mention a LOT of gross situations when bathrooms are just disgusting, and stinky, and well- gross!

**I also think this would make a wonderful baby gift.  We are always looking for things we can give that families won’t outgrow in a matter of weeks or months.**

We have a van with one middle seat out, so there is a big open floor space for the kids to use.  But I think you could make it work with a small floor space, or even the back storage area in an SUV.  It is very compact and the kids don’t mind using it at all.

(just a little tip, we take our unused but too small diapers, and place them in the bottom of the plastic bag just in case there is a tiny hole in the plastic bag …)

So, my biggest tip on traveling with small children that are potty trained- get a travel potty!

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