The New Homeschooling Movement {part I}

There’s a movement in our country. A movement the media won’t share. Every single day there are more families bringing their children home. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents quietly declaring, enough is enough. We are done. Families saying, it is time to homeschool our children.

She Believed {thank you Holistic Homeschooler}

{Thank you Holistic Homescooler for the beautiful meme- please visit her site for wonderful Charlotte Mason style homeschooling & more}

We are not giving our children to the Romans- the Romans who are not separating church and state, but explicitly worshipping other gods in the name of “learning;” replacing accountability and responsibility with self-worship and un-satisfactory, worshipping money and gold and esteem over truth, relationships, and character, the foundations of life. But isn’t education about life?

We are done. This is it. We are taking them from an agenda-pushing, baby murdering society and giving them over to the Lord. He can have our children back, and we will fight for them.

We will praise Him all day long, singing his glory through our morning basket and lunch hours, before naps, and upon waking for our nature studies. We will train them, guide them, teach them His Word so they are better equipped than we and our baby boomer parents before us.

We will be chain breakers, breaking the cycle of dumbing down and bare minimum- working for Him to change the world- One biblical, scriptural lesson at a time. Because we see Christ in our children and their futures, we see beyond bare minimum, we see beyond test scores, we see beyond barely getting by for the sake of a pay check.

There is a movement.

Parents are done sacrificing the souls of their children and families for the sake of someone else doing the “dirty work.” We are ready, willing, and equipped; we have entire communities of support and are building bridges over the raging rivers of divide.

Our boots are on, and we are ready to get dirty.

Our children don’t see color, they don’t know age, they don’t judge or condemn because someone is different or learns differently than themselves. They are these people not because we tell them to be, but because their hearts are accepting, we are molding them through love for others, not self-love … their days are filled with learning to care for others and build authentic relationships. They live each day in a safe place where they are free to explore, ask questions, learn according to their needs, and help others learn along with them.

They take excursions, enjoy playdates, spend hours in libraries, and soak up co op classes that don’t limit them to a test score, but rather expand their horizons along side people that aren’t exactly like them.

The very biased, not-neutral-under-any-circumstances media won’t show us truth. They disguise their agenda of dividing by calling it “justice,” using tweets and Keeping Up with popular culture to mold who our children are becoming. (A popular culture that glorifies self-worship, lies, and sacrificing freedom in the name of stupidity comfort, in the name of easy, for the sake of not getting dirty.)

We are done being spoon fed; we are ready to eat. We want more for our children than blindly following the herd; we are ready to devour truth and principles, passing along courage and determination by example. Because life is hard and messy, but we can show them perseverance, use their “weaknesses” and differences to make them strong adults.

We aren’t creating conspiracies, but rather asking questions that somehow can’t be answered. We are bringing our children home to truly educate them, prepare them for the real world, and give them the armor of God, BEFORE they live among the romans as adults. Before they are sent forth to conquer and defend their faith, we’re teaching them about discernment, showing them Truth, and how to identify the lies. They will know how to spot the enemy in all his beauty and jewels, among the “do what feels good,” and ear ticking culture they will find outside our homes.

There is a movement in this country, quietly raging, spreading through all classes, all races, all educational backgrounds. We won’t let the crumbling system fail our children. So we are taking them back.

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