The Day You Were Born {truth- FMF}

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is Truth.

It works perfectly for a quote I share on Instagram this week-


Truth?  Well, that’s easy for me.

  • Jesus Christ is Lord
  • My husband is my best friend, my soul mate
  • Children, born and unborn, are to be cherished, loved
  • We live in a broken world. A very, very broken world.
  • I will never understand how anyone could not value the life of a human
  • I always wanted a farm
  • Farming is hard work
  • Our family is blessed beyond measure, in so many ways
  • I love lists, journaling, and sewing
  • I really need to revamp my sleeping schedule which is out of whack due to drinking coffee until noon
  • 5 minutes is up!

My list of truths isn’t very long … but I ran out of time!

What would you write for a Five Minute Friday post?




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  1. Leah Everson says:

    Such a great quote! Thanks for sharing who you are with me. I love seeing how we are each unique and have different abilities. I just posted my Five Minute Friday on the truth of who I am. I’m your neighbor this week!

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