The Beginner’s Bible {with new artwork}

The start of a new year tends to bring new books into our home.  This year we have been so blessed to review The Beginner’s Bible from Zonderkidz.

How We Have Used It

We have gone through 2 copies of The Beginner’s Bibles in our home since my now 6 year old was 2 years old. Growing up The Beginner’s Bible was my first Bible.  For my children, it was an every single night story book for several years, and my oldest could recite the stories to you by heart before she was 4.  My son and second daughter have also loved this book, and when our last copy was so well loved that most of the pages were taped in, they were excited to receive our newest copy!

They were even more excited to see the illustrations were different, and more vibrant (they used the words “more colorful”). This updated version is perfect for my oldest to read to her younger siblings, and also for my son to begin reading as he learns to read.  Daddy often lets everyone pick a different story to read from it for bedtime.  My 2 year old is a “page flipper,” she *loves* to sit and flip through the pages of books while talking about the pictures.  This is one of her very favorite books to pick up.

The book is a hardcover edition with beautiful colors, with 512 pages containing over 90 Bible stories.

What We Think About The (updated) Beginner’s Bible

I appreciate that the pages are thick and durable; with so many little hands using this book it is important that it stands up to lots of love.  The cover is sturdy, and colorful-it definitely draws my children’s eye when choosing a book to have read to them.

I like that my 6 year old, who reads on a higher level, is able to read this book with ease.  Something new I noticed is that in the back is a short glossary of terms used in the stories!  Woo hoo!  This is so neat, and a great way to introduce glossaries to young children.  My daughter really likes this section of The Beginner’s Bible.

I feel like I can trust Zonderkidz and especially The Beginner’s Bible product line, because I grew up with it.  Reading the stories nightly to my children helped me (even as an adult) have a better understanding of some of the history in the Bible.

Though simple, it is thorough enough for children to get a great view of Biblical truths without the use of fantastical additions.  This is so important to our family.  The Beginner’s Bible doesn’t discuss the more mature content of the Bible, but is still able to tell the stories with beauty and truth, while also avoiding adding in details that aren’t Biblically sound.

We are very choosy about books in our home; I want to make sure that what my children read is quality, safe, and appropriate while still being fun, engaging and lining up with our values. Zonderkidz does just that with The Beginner’s Bible.

You can click HERE to see comparisons of the old artwork with the new.  The images are now more vibrant, and I think easier for little eyes to decipher. They also include lots of fun resources to download through that link.  Enjoy!

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