Thankfulness is Blessing Others in the Mundane

Thanksgiving has come- so many of us our trying to be mindful of our blessings, thankful for the craziness of family gatherings and food preparation.



It can be hard to appreciate the HARD moments, the HARD people, the HARD choices. It can be hard to truly be thankful for things that we don’t want, but have somehow landed in our midst… difficult children personalities, hardships in our marriages, family that don’t understand or listen to us.

All these things make us who we are, we can use them to shape our character or let them eat us up.

Being thankful is more than appreciating what we have, it is a way to look at our life as a whole and see how we can continue to give and bless others. Whether you are called to serve your family and God’s kingdom through raising your children, or called work in corporate America shaping the lives of Americans with your decisions from 8-5, we have infinite chances to bless someone else, and show our thankfulness this year.

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