Taggie Lovey Tutorial

Today I made Lexie a few things using my sewing machine.  I am a beginner when it comes to the sewing machine but I have been doing small projects and hand sewing here and there since I was a little girl. Before purchasing my machine I did loads of research into what is the best sewing machine, to make sure I got the right one, and I love it! When I was about 8, my Memaw and I went to Walmart where she bought me my very first sewing kit!  I still have this kit and use all parts of it!

With the help of my mom I have learned how to do some basic sewing with my machine.  (which is actually her ancient Kenmore machine that is wonderful.  They do not make them like this anymore.)  It only has a few stitches and some other features I don’t know how to use yet, but it is one tough mother!  =)

This post will be a short tutorial on how I made Lou a “taggie lovie.”  Since these things sell for $15+ a piece in the store I thought I would try to make them.  They are only a big wash cloth with some ribbons stitched on the edge!  Right?  I did not look up a tutorial for these, because I figured the instructions would be more confusing than just trying to piece it together.  I was right.

I started with two pieces of fabric, (I am unsure of the size because I just eye balled it, but a 12 x 12 square is probably pretty close), placing them right sides together.  In the picture I have folded back a corer of the top fabric so you can see the right sides are facing each other.

Then I cut my ribbon at different lengths so I would have different sized “taggies” around the edges.  I just used what I had laying around my craft room, but you could use all sorts of textures for the “tags” themselves.  You can also put the rattly material in the middle so it makes noise for your babies.  I didn’t have any so I did not include that with mine.

Next, I looped my ribbons and pinned them to the material.  Here is where it gets tricky..

Like I mentioned, I did not look up a tutorial because I thought it would be easier to figure it out myself, than to read instructions.  I think I thought correctly.  =)
Once you loop your ribbon for the “taggie,” you pin it with the LOOP facing towards the center of the fabric, not sticking out from the edge!  Place the ribbon between the two pieces of fabric, with the loop towards the middle.

Here is a “taggie” shown between the two pieces of fabric.  See how the loop goes inward, towards the middle of the fabric? 

And here is that same “taggie” where it is pinned.  The cut edges of the ribbon go towards the edge of the fabric.  When you turn it right side out, only the looped part of the ribbon will show.

Next stitch around the edges, removing the pins as you go.  Be sure to leave a space wide enough to turn your material right side out.  After you turn it the right way, simply fold in your open edge and stitch it up.  After it was turned right side out, I went along the entire outside of my lovie in a zig zag stitch so it would A) hold together even better and B) look nicer.

My first one did not look anywhere near as good as this one..  And this one isn’t perfect.  Like I said I am a beginner with my machine, but this was such a simple project I think any beginner can do it!  Good luck and please comment with any questions!


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