Surviving Social Distancing as a Family

As parents, we are always looking for ways to have fun with our kids- and probably NOW more than ever.

If you’re on the hunt for inspiration for fun things to do at home, why not flex your creative talents and try these activities?

First, I would start with a very simple, basic routine. Type it, write it out, or get fancy and create something with a cool computer program, but make a simple routine that everyone in the family can see. No need for color coding or making things complicated. Just a general idea of how the day will flow. Be prepared to make lots of adjustments as you discover how your family works best!

We include: basic life skills/habits (brush hair, teeth, make bed, tidy bathroom), instrument practice, farm chores and house chores (some are daily, some are weekly), homeschool, reading time, quiet time, free time, outside play, etc.

Make sure you leave lots of play time, especially outdoors in your yard or social distancing at the park, walking the neighborhood, etc.


Baking is a brilliant way to introduce children to cooking; it develops counting and real life math skills can bring the family together for fun. Depending on the age of your kids, you can assign jobs, including measuring out ingredients, stirring the mixture and decorating the finished item, setting the table, slicing fruit, etc.

Baking can be therapeutic for children and adults, and there’s a tasty treat to enjoy later. There are hundreds of family-friendly recipes available online, and even cooking schools for kids online!  Before you decide on a recipe, check your pantry and make sure you’ve got everything you need. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the right equipment before you start baking as well.

Surviving Social Distancing as a Family



Making a scrapbook is a fantastic way to remember these times together as a family, and to create something you can keep for many years to come. Scrapbooking is suitable for all ages, and adults can get involved too. You have control over the design and content of your book, so you can personalize your creation. Before you begin, stock up on supplies like papers and get some ideas from resources like this website.

You can use magazine cuttings, photographs, tickets, pictures, newspaper headlines and content you’ve downloaded online to fill your book, and accessories like buttons and ribbons to make it look fabulous. 

We also use a love the Kinship Family Journal by Fawn and Forest. It is perfect for the whole family to collaborate.

Junk modeling

If you’ve accumulated a stack of empty cereal boxes, Amazon boxes, drink cartons or used cans, now is the time to turn trash into treasure. Using your creativity, get together with your kids to transform cans and boxes into model villages, robots, animals, buses, trains or buildings. There are some brilliant resources online if you’re short on ideas, and you can get friends and family safely involved too. Set aside an afternoon and compare results with neighbors and friends via video chat or social media. 

Surviving Social Distancing as a Family


Making jewelry

Do your kids love playing dress up, or is a family member due to celebrate their birthday in the coming weeks? If so, why not join forces as a family and make some bespoke pieces of DIY jewelry? You can use colored and patterned beads, rolled magazines or newspaper cuttings or buttons to make necklaces and bracelets. If you have older children, you can also use thread to craft friendship bands or metals and gems to make more adult-friendly gifts. 

Play Games

For each gift giving holiday (birthdays, Christmas, VDay, etc), we have given each of our children a card or board game. I’ve never been so thankful for our cabinet full of games!

We have all learned to play chess, different varieties of UNO, and many other games as a family. My husband takes his lunch break on rainy days to come upstairs and play games with the kids, he and our son start their day with a game of Chess, and even the youngest (3yo) has been enjoying games.

Getting creative at home is an excellent way to have fun together, to encourage originality and to develop motor skills. Creative activities can also lift your mood and reduce stress. If you’re looking for fun things to do as a family, hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration.

Tailor the activity to suit your child’s age and interests, then share the results with family and friends online or via video calls. From making gifts and baking cakes, to creating junk robots and designing scrapbooks, you’re guaranteed hours of fun. 

When all else fails, READ GOOD BOOKS. =)


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