Super Heroes, Graphic Novels, and biblical Truths {a review}

My children and I have been enjoying The Captain Sun Adventures Book 1, Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith for the last few weeks now. I can honestly say, this has become a favorite book in our home.

Captain Sun Rescue Me

This sat on the counter all of 10 minutes before my 8 year old daughter grabbed it up, snuggled her 6 year old brother on the couch, and read it aloud to him. From then on- being a super hero, admiring our superhero, Christ, and many other conversations have become ongoing themes in our home.

Book 1, Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith is a 38 page graphic novel showing the parallels between the hero of the book (Captain Sun), the villain, and Biblical truths. I love that this book points straight to the Gospel, to Jesus, and that it does so in such a lovely, natural way. The story is smooth, the writing is enjoyable, and illustrations are just what you would expect from the very best graphic novels on the market.

I also appreciate that it gives the “background” of how super heroes came to be- this is something my children aren’t very familiar with, so the creative explanation through illustration and “news story” prints really helped in the development of their understanding. The author also brought this origin back to Christ and God’s love for his people.

Captain Sun Reading

How We Used It and What We Think

I have an 8yo girl and 6yo boy that have loved this book to death- we need to get the others in the series! The illustrations in this graphic novel are wonderful, the story line points straight to Jesus every time, without being pushy or trying to try very hard. It is a “safe” book that didn’t require proof reading on my end, or need any explanation from me to my children-the text very is compelling and easy to comprehend. Yet, it is captivating for all ages!

The parallels in the themes to Biblical truths and the Gospel are truly done so well. I can also tell the author & illustrator have either really enjoyed graphic novels themselves or understand deeply what makes them attractive to children because the storyline is so well done and full of adventure.

Here’s what I know- When an adult can enjoy reading a children’s book, AND enjoy reading it aloud, you can bet it is a book worth reading. That is exactly how I feel about this one.

I asked my children, “If you could ask the author and illustrator anything at all, what would it be?”

My 6 year old replied, “How did he know what to name his characters, and what illustrations to use to make them fun?”

My 8 year old wanted to say how much she enjoyed the book, and went on to explain the parallels between the Narnia heros, Captain Sun, and each villain. haha

I would say- Thank you SO much for writing an inspiring children’s graphic novel for children of all ages (did I mention my 4 and 2yo listen as well?) that isn’t just another “twaddle” book to for the sake of having a book on the shelf. Captain Sun has been a joy in our home.

This is a unique, yet familiar … comfortable book we all enjoy! My son has asked me all about

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