Summer is half way through!

Wow! How is it we are already past July 4th?! It seems like our summer is just now beginning, and it is really half way over. I haven’t been good about writing lately, we have been traveling and had a lot of company the last month. My mom was here for two weeks and then we drove to AR and TN to see family. Thankfully the kids were wonderful on our “long trip,” as Mister called it. Before we left we said good bye to our dear old Mama Bear- Scarlet. She saw a beautiful 13.5 years and was a national traveler. Not to mention she was famous in Hot Springs. Lexie took the news pretty well, and told J.Tom “No, daddy. She didn’t go to doggy heaven, really. She will be in my heaven when I get there!” =) Sweet girl. traveling to AR.jpg I have been gradually cooking extra meals for the freezer to prepare for baby. And since I am down to my last 10 weeks of pregnancy and J.Tom will be home (most of) the rest of the summer, I am going to start walking every night. The days of simply walking with both the kids are mostly behind me at this point- Lexie is so heavy in the double jogger and not quite big enough to ride her bike as far as I need to walk for exercise. We do walk to the park several mornings during the week, and then take “the long way” back home-she walks and Mister rides. But I need to get in shape for labor, so walking at night when it is cooler will be good. I am also getting back to my weight lifting workouts and some prental yoga- ooooh I love yoga during my pregnancies. I’ve even been doing some research into qualifying as a yoga instructor one day after the baby comes. offer a selection of different yoga teacher training courses throughout the year if you would like to learn more too. We are working on getting quotes for painting the bedrooms- we technically have 9 Saturdays between now and baby arriving, (NINE!!! aaaah) and just not sure J.Tom can get them painted and everything else on his to-do list done. I am getting excited about baby! Just not knowing if we will have a boy or girl join us (or a “turkey or bear” as Lexie would say) is exciting enough, but another baby in the house is going to be an adventure! This summer we are spending our days at the zoo, in the backyard playing in the water, walking to the park, going to the pool after naps, and reading. I want to take the rest of the summer to just be with my babies and enjoy them. I can’t believe Lexie will be FOUR and Max already TWO in September. =*( It is just happening so quickly. I feel like the last few weeks I have lost my cool with them way too much, and have just been stressed out. Now that we are back from our travels, we are taking it easy and enjoying each other all summer long! Here are a few random photos from our travels. I actually forgot my camera =( So I didn’t get many good pictures. My phone is really old, SLOW, and just doesn’t take good pictures. Most of these I snapped with J.Tom’s phone and then sent to myself. I wish I had taken more!

rocking at Cracker Barrel {Quiet In The Chaos}

relaxing at Cracker Barrel

steak! {Quiet In The Chaos}

Enjoying his steak … notice he didn’t eat the pieces I cut for him!

coming home {Quiet In The Chaos}

Coming home- we always use the water tower to know we are in York! (Max was not enthused and fell asleep as we pulled into our neighborhood…)

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