Stop and Smell the Tulips

This morning started off great! First, I thought it was Monday, but it turned out to be Tuesday (that whole pregnancy brain thing…) which was a very pleasant surprise! Also, another friend had her baby boy today (that makes two babies born this week, and I am wondering if we are going to make it 4?) Then, classes ended well and I had a play date with my friend J and her adorable twins.

We picked the twins (they are two) up from school and headed to Garvan Woodland Gardens; this time of year they have the most beautiful display of tulips you may ever see in the United States. Plus the twins (A and G) just loved everything about the Gardens. Oh how I wish we had a camera! They were so cute; mesmerized by the train, the Coi fish, and best of all… collecting pine cones! There were all these baby pine cones all over the ground and about every 5 steps (while out of the double stroller) A had to pick one up and exclaim that she had found a pine cone. Who knew such simple pleasures could be such a blast!

Also, while on our adventure today A and G taught me a lot. I learned all about simple pleasures, understanding procedures, routines, etc. Of course, anytime I am with J she teaches me a lot, whether morally by example or about motherhood. Today was just overall a fabulous, friend filled spring day! And although I posted a blog entry once today, I just thought our play date deserved another. It is not everyday you get to relax with a friend and literally stop and smell the tulips.

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