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Singapore Math Live

Since we sorta started our summer homeschool schedule earlier than expected, we have been using Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems as a supplement for my 11 and 9 year olds. This is a 2-step program that involves an easy to use math workbook, and online videos. The videos give explanation to the practice problems found in the book; the workbook and videos are purchased separately. Singapore Math Live member dashboard and courses are simple to navigate for parents and students, easy to utilize, and a fun challenge for students!

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

I truly found the challenging word problems to be a good brain teaser for my kids. The online site is so easy and straight forward, while the video lessons are very clear for students to understand. The explanations are broken-down in a way that is going to help students use higher order thinking skills to really see and analyze using the most efficient problem solving skills. I *really* like that students can solve the problem their own way, and can compare how they did it to how the program solved it in the videos. This gives them freedom to be creative in their thinking skills, while also giving them more tools for their math toolbox.

This is a common core edition, but I did not see anything in the problem solving that made me pause or think I did not like how the math was taught. As an adult I see math completely different than I did as a child, I break numbers down in a much different way, and I always solve problems in an out of the box way (and not always the fastest way …). So I really liked the perspective the teacher gives in the explanation videos. I also like that just because it has cc stamped on the cover, doesn’t mean that my kids are learning for the purpose of test scores. Because they can solve the problem however they need to, it is still individualized.

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

How We Used It

I mainly used this for my 9 year old who is now in 5th grade math, but my oldest also worked through some of the problems and used the online videos. We used the program exactly how the instructions in the book suggested. First, I had them read through and try to solve the worked examples, then compare their steps and answer. If their answer was incorrect, then they looked back and tried to figure out what they did wrong. If they just got their answer in a different way, then they now have 2 strategies for the type of problem!

Then they moved onto the practice problems in the lesson. Here, if they struggled we were able to pull up the videos from the Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems page numbers they were on, and figure it out. Even ifs they knew the answer and how to get it, I liked them to watch the video explanations because of the terms and math language used by the teacher. I think it’s really important for them to regularly see, hear, and use the math vocabulary they learn in our full curriculum.

I like the daily exposure to the math strategies and the methods required to solve them. I really do think with the consistent “extra” practice, we have seen some growth in their problem solving skills, or maybe just in how they perceive problem solving in general. It definitely helps them in analyzing, and breaking down the steps. The challenging word problems really are challenging! They’re for sure a brain puzzle that kids can enjoy.

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

The topics covered in level 3 include:

  • addition and subtraction
  • multiplication and division
  • mental calculations
  • length
  • mass and weight
  • capacity
  • money
  • frations
  • time
  • data analysis
  • geometry
  • area and perimeter
  • and 3 sets of review questions

The videos take a lot of the pressure off, and make the problems seem much less intimidating- you know there is a solution, and you know someone is going to clearly explain to you how to do it. So if you can’t figure it out, there’s help! And no one is going to fail you for needing some help on challenging word problems … So it is a win-win for parents and their students.

If you’re looking for a supplement for summer math practice, or just a challenge for an ambitious student, I think the Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems is a great choice. The workbook is simple and great, but the videos are really where it’s at!

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

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