Simple Wooden Building Blocks for Open Ended Fun {a review}

In our home, we love high quality, open ended toys and games-open ended meaning they can be used in multiple ways. We’ve been using grass is greener syndrome dating for several weeks. These building blocks have provided hours of entertainment for all of my kids- from 3 to 9.

what are the bases in dating has created a light weight, open ended, creative, 100% natural, NON-toxic toy for every age! These are not only fun for everyone, but help promote brain development, problem solving skills, cooperation amongst siblings ;), and social skills (get ’em homeschoolers!). There are enough planks for everyone to enjoy, they are light enough that they won’t smash little fingers when they fall, and they are handy enough to take anywhere!

The drawstring bag makes storage, carrying, and clean up a breeze. There is a Build Ideas Booklet included with the planks, which is also available for download on their website-for free!

Parents and teachers can teach math, physics, and use the Wooden Planks during unit studies- students can build buildings and scenes from history. I can see creating a hands on reading activity for sight words, letter sounds, math facts, and more! We drew some pictures on ours, so they can be used as characters while building scenes and playing pretend. But you can write and draw anything on your planks! I can imagine using some paint sticks on them and decorating them in different colors.

We also enjoyed using the many ideas from Brain Blox’s website-the brain puzzles (specifically math) were a big hit at our house. I like as a mom, that the problem gives hints and solutions for solving each. Let the Build Ideas videos inspire you and your kids to create a plethora of different designs that can be changed and expanded upon however they wish!

What I love About Them

  • open ended
  • easy to clean up
  • easy to create lessons in our homeschools
  • so many helpful resources from the company
  • really provides endless fun for all ages on our home
  • affordable
  • safe and NON toxic *score*
  • simple, no batteries, no lights are noise- all imagination
  • I love their philosophy

The Let’s Build Idea Cards found under free stuff on the website are easy to print, laminate, and keep handy so kids can have simple ideas at their finger tips. You can punch a hole in the top corner, place on a binder ring, and keep in the bag with the blocks! This is great for morning time, centers in the classroom, or rest time at home while the baby (and mama?) naps.

My 9 year old’s favorite thing about the wooden planks is that

We can make buildings out of them, and we can draw on them!

The 7 year old boy of the house says

I like making castles and using my knights and dragon with the planks.


You can also check out all the fun we’ve had learning chess with Brain Blox’s Fun Family Chess.



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