Simple Woman’s Daybook {early Sept 2019}

For Today
Simple Woman {Daybook}
Looking out my window
the sun is rising, it is cool and still. The yard is immaculate (because my amazing husband worked so hard to get it tidy for a party a few days ago), and the grass is covered in dew. This is my favorite time of year, and I am praying winter holds off util January.
I am thinking
I should have already gotten the kids up this morning, but I am moving slow… it’s what happens when I wake up at 3am, wide awake and struggle to go back to sleep. Determined to have a good day, though … even if that requires a nap.
I am thankful
for these 4 healthy babies, our days at home together, our farm animals that bring us so much joy … including the barn cats that I have put down stairs temporarily until they catch the mouse that is hiding behind my oven.
One of my favorite things
Quiet in the Chaos-my favorite things
I am creating
Nothing right now … I do my daily journaling, and work on our family journal at night sometimes.
I am wearing
my gown and a pony tail
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
-watching- Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix
-listening- A Child’s History of the World (for homeschool) and Before We Were Yours
currently readingThe Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs (this is the lowest price this book has been in a year- grab it!), and The Lake House by Kate Morton
Over the summer I listened to Where the Crawdads Sing. This is a wonderful book, one of the best I’ve listened to/read in a while!
I am hoping
Flossie and Yona’s heats are over SOON! Yes, both the house dog and the LGD are in heat. This makes for looong days of taking Flossie in and out. We will spay her, but not until she is a bit older. I bought the diapers so she could be out in the house with us, but she TTs in them, so she is living in her kennel and on a leash outside. Not fun for anyone!
Flossie is not impressed
LGD in heat
I am learning
That my body hates change, that thyroid issues are more complicated than just taking medicine, some days are good, and some days are really not good. One day at a time.
In my kitchen
… I have a gluten free sourdough starter on the counter, coffee, and my Vitamix (which I used to blend up my coffee with (dairy free creamer Nutpods), collagen, and sunflower lecithin. The rest of this week will consist of easy meals for me- protein smoothies, eggs, (goat)cheesy low carb biscuits, lots of water, and ham with lettuce, baked okra,. Really, life in my kitchen is boring later as I attempt Trim Healthy Mama, per my doctor. She doesn’t want me to do Keto (it tends to be hard on adrenals and thyroid) so THM is supposed to be a good balance of controlling your blood sugar but being able to have fruits, and healthy carbs.
The family will be eating leftovers so we can get the fridge cleaned out, along with eggs, salads, roasted okra, and probably a cabbage and bacon meal this weekend.
In the school room
This week has gone great! It was week 2 of our new school year. We haven’t actually started our Sonlight core yet, because I have been hunting for it used … which is proving impossible to find. So I will have to buy it new, and that’s a large chunk of money ($100 or so when it’s all said and done), hence the waiting. But, it looks like I need to go ahead and make the purchase or we are going to get behind with our reading… so, there’s that.
Lady and Mister have been enjoying learning more grammar, they both love their math and the independence that comes with CLE, and the Miss is doing a little more reading. Squish is learning her ABC sounds and shapes right now. She has colors and counting down.

In my garden
Well, the garden didn’t get put in this year … so right now it is empty. The flower beds are being redone with thick black fabric covered by large river stone rocks. They are beautiful, and I can’t wait to get the whole thing done. Right now we (ehum, the husband) have finished the big middle flowerbed and it looks really nice.
Shared Quote
because I saved it last week and it’s funny…
Chuck Norris Meme
A moment from my day
… ’nuff said
Enough said

happy Thursday!

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