Simple Benefits to Homesteading

We love our homesteading lifestyle; it is a *lot* of work, and during certain seasons (shun, right after having a baby) we are a little less self reliant than others. A popular belief is that homesteading means living without the luxuries of modern day … This isn’t really true; living on a farm is not always the same as going totally off-grid.  You still find plenty of modern home comforts on a homestead!

With this in mind, I thought I’d write a short post about the wonderful benefits of living on a farm. Who knows, it might convince you to ditch city life, or invest in the homesteading lifestyle.

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More self-sufficient

I love living on a farm because it allows our family to be more self-sufficient. This can be cost efficient, saving lots of money, when you’re willing to put in the work. Instead grocery shopping every few days, or even every week, we are able to grow a lot of our produce. Add some hens to lay eggs, plant different vegetables in the garden, and you’re well in your way to being more self sufficient. It’s amazing how much food you can provide for a family on a farm. It lowers our monthly food bill and also ensures we  have fresh food free from harmful chemicals.


The farm animals can contribute to the garden via composting. Make sure to grow plenty of extra veggies for the chickens and goats (check the poisonous plants list first).

We use our goat milk for yogurt, keifer, and giving back to the animals. We can, freeze, and eat our produce. We buy ingredients in bulk so we don’t have to go to  town as often for other groceries; this saves time and gas.

Usually more affordable

Depending on what part of the country you live in, buying a home in the country can cost less than in a suburb-and you get more space outdoors. Starting out it may even be best to just buy land and live off grid for a while (click here to calculate a mortgage, and see the difference between the country and city homes in your area). But typically you can get more land for your money than house- land with a modest home is a great way to start homesteading. 

A lot quieter

Living on a farm means you won’t have a lot of noise around. (Well, depending on how many cows and goats you have 😂) All the people in town create a lot of noise- cars moving past your window, train tracks, people walking outside. In the country, you only have the noises of your farm – and a few distant neighbors. You’re not entirely cut off from the world, but you do have more peace and quiet.


Out here, we can enjoy the peacefulness of outside-the breeze, the chickens clucking about, birds chirping, and the trees rustling. In the evenings, after all the chores are done (emu, the animals have been fed) it is so peaceful.

Beautiful scenery

Finally, living on a farm means you have loads of beautiful scenery every single day. You can become one with nature and marvel at the gorgeous fields, trees, and animals nearby. It’s a stark contrast to city dwellings where the only view is the road and the houses opposite your own!

Getting outside barefoot, even in the cold weather, has proven to have health benefits. Walking into the woods and just breathing provides a huge boost of energy and sense of calm.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that farm life is boring. It really isn’t, and it can be highly beneficial. The next time you move house, perhaps it’s time to consider some of the countryside properties with space for a little homesteading farm. 



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