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My daughter loves to write and has become quite the perfectionist when it comes to her handwriting practice.  We have not yet fully introduced cursive handwriting, but with the intentions of definitely teaching it at the elementary level, I was excited to try out Scripture Scribes by Laurelwood Books.  We received the His Name Is Wonderful which is Volume III of the primary level.

Scripture Scribes- His Name is Wonderful {a review}

About Scripture Scribes: His Name Is Wonderful

This penmanship series could not be more beautiful!  From the cover, to the font and layout of the pages the book is most definitely a quality printed addition to our homeschool.

This volume of the series focuses on all the many names of God from scripture (how awesome is that?!).  Each page features lots of handwriting practice, beginning with the name of God from the scripture, and then the full phrase or sentence from the scripture.  Some of the names practiced include:

  • He That Liveth
  • Messiah, the Christ
  • The Lamb of God
  • The Way
  • The True Vine
  • My Brother
  • My portion
  • and the list goes on, and on, and on!  I didn’t even realize God was referred to all these names/titles in the Bible!  Did you?

This handwriting practice is geared for grades 1-3.  It consists of 30 weekly lessons on 131 pages, and is intended to be used 4 days a week; the first two days are different Bible verses, and the last two days repeat the first two days’ verses.  In the pictures below you can see the layout of the page (they are each the same which I like for consistency), and how the scriptures rotate through the four days.  The lines are not too small or too large, my daughter is on the younger end of the suggested level for this book and still managed to do a wonderful job!

Days 1 and 2 of a weekly lesson:

Week 26 Days 1-2

Days 3 and 4 of a weekly lesson:Lesson 26 Days 3-4

In the back of this volume is a chart with each of the Bible books in chronological order along with the year they were written (which is so useful- I am going to pull it out and hang it up with some of our other school charts and useful info).

How We Used it & What We Thought

First let me say I LOVE this book- love, love, love.  It is beautiful (did I mention that already?), the pages are SO nice and thick, the layout is easy to navigate even for the youngest of primary students, and it is easy for parents to implement in their homeschool.

We used the practice consistently and Lexie enjoyed it tremendously.  We have not learned cursive yet in our homeschool, so while she hasn’t exactly learned to form the letters perfectly prior to using this book, tracing the lessons has been great practice!

I think something I really like also, is that this could be used to supplement a Bible program, or even create one of your own using the verses.  The verses could become memory work, and studying the names of God is something I only wish we had done when I was in school.

What an amazing gift to give our students-learning the names our Heavenly Father goes by!

Scripture Scribes Penmanship Practice

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