Saying Goodbye to our LGD- Huck the Gentle Giant

We didn’t get to say goodbye to our Huck, but he knew we loved him. He had not been eating well the last week, so we had a vet appointment scheduled. I wasn’t too concerned. The day before he was running and playing with Flossie (the wire-haired pointing griffon) and I saw him coming out of the shop eating a bit.

Friday about 4pm, we went for a family walk in the woods to see the creek while it was full. Huck followed along, but was lagging behind, needing to take breaks, and looked like he felt terrible. I called the vet to move our appointment sooner, but they were booked. So I called another vet we have used in the past, to get an appointment for the next morning.

He was laying under his favorite tree during the late afternoon, and I loved on him, prayed over him. I continued checking on him, he would raise his head so I thought maybe he was just worn out from the walk and we would make it to the vet Saturday.

But about 11:30 Friday night I went to check on him, he was under our son’s window. He hadn’t been dead for very long, but was for certain gone.

We’ve shed so many tears, mainly me, over Huck. He was truly the very best friend, companion, and protector we could’ve asked for.  He was so young, only 3.5 (born October 24, 2017). We don’t know what happened; he was on heart worm medicine and flea and tick medicine. I know those things are 100% though… so it could’ve been that, it could’ve been a heart problem, it couldn’t been a gastro issue. We really don’t know.

So he is buried pup front in the pasture. Saturday morning our son made a cross and his daddy helped him hammer it into the ground.

Ive been struggling with the guilt- guilt of not getting him to the vet sooner, of not noticing things were that bad sooner, of not being there when he died. But I know he knew we loved him, and I know he loved us. We were so blessed to have had him.

There is no way to replace Huck, he was perfect. And I miss him so much, all day and every night. There are no more Huck barks or howls, no wet dog slobber in the morning. There are still lots of tears.

But we do need another LGD that can stay with the chickens and kids on the property. So we are going to try to train one of Huck’s puppies that we kept, to stick around the house. He is a very timid boy, and also gentle and submissive to us, and especially our 8yo son. So we will see how it goes.  If it doesn’t work out, I am sure a puppy is in our future.



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