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The Hot Springs Spa 5/10K is quickly approaching.  Like many in town, and throughout the state, I have been hard at work preparing to run the 6.2 miles of which the first 4 are all up hill.  Did I mention it goes over the mountain?  Oh, well, yes.  There is a mountain involved.   Here, “involved” means torturing the runners attempting to conquer it.

I began the journey of training for the 10K in September.  The Spa Pacers, the running club here in town, puts on a clinic to help members of the community train for the race.  I have been a member of the Pacers since 2008, when I started my running journey.  They are the most wonderful group of people and give so much back to our community.  

For the first 6 weeks or so of training, I cannot for the life of me figure out why I always return to running.  But then, the 7th or 8th week rolls around and ah.  There it is.  The whole reason I love running- the people, the ease of moving, the challenge, the fulfillment of accomplishment.  Knowing that you have accomplished something because you pushed yourself to do so is a wonderful feeling.  It is a feeling that keeps you coming back for more.  Truly, the runner’s high.  And while mine is a delayed gratification, it is still fulfilling, none the less.

My first 10K was in 2009, this same race, and I completed it in 80 minutes at just under a 13 minute mile (in other words: S-L-O-W-L-Y).  That’s an hour and ten minutes of running/walking.  Last year I was 3 weeks postpartum when training began, so I ran the 5K.  This year I want to complete the 10K in under 75 minutes.  We will know tomorrow if that goal is attainable, since we are running the route for practice.  Thursday we completed 5 miles in 57 minutes, so add another another 15 minutes to that … and I am thinking I can complete it in 72 minutes.  Geesh.  I sure hope so.  That will be awfully hard for me, though.  I am a slow runner.  After this race I hope to prepare for a half marathon, which is 13 some odd miles …  

Here is a map of the route:

I will update on the practice run tomorrow night.

Wish me luck!

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